9 Reasons You HAVE TO Follow Vicente Fernandez on IG and Snap

Our parents were obsessed and now, so are we…

If you’ve been to one of his concerts, you know he can take down a bottle of tequila like it’s nothing.

He's having his last concert next year in Mexico, who is down to go ?! #chente #vicentefernandez #inmexico #letsgoo #havesometequila #wheremymexicansat

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And by the end, he’s still standing on his own. How does he do it?

At 76, his Snapchat game is better than yours.

Un saludo muy cariñoso por este día de halloween.

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Follow immediately.

Even when his life is on the line, he makes time to update his social profiles.

Meanwhile, Alejandro is probably like, “You’re posting on IG, but I can’t get a text back?!”

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Move over Adele and Drake, Vicente’s the real tear jerker.


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He is solely responsible tears that shed during a borrachera.

Like this…


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It’s too real ?.

He’s not too famous to fangirl.

Con Selena, la reina de la cumbia, hace unos ayeres.

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He’s more excited about meeting Selena than Selena is about meeting El Rey.

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He loves cuddling cute fluffy animals.

Del #baúlderecuerdos

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PETA, we found your next spokesperson. ?

In a culture where Latino dads don’t show much affection, he’s not afraid to kiss his kids on stage.

#Alejandrofernandez #vicentefernandez #tbt

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He’s said that he used to kiss them when they were little, he doesn’t see much of a difference now that they’re grown.

He bows down to women.

#muycierto #nice #song#rolon#vicentefernandez #buenafrase #love#girls #beers #tequiero #tequila#salud#? #? #❤

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He’s macho and manly, but his is songs are oh sooooooo romantic. #swoon

What other guy posts love letters on his IG?

Más de 50 años juntos y enamorados. Cuca, gracias por ser el amor de mi vida.

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“Cuca guarda esta para que cada que te acuerdes de mi recuerdes con el mismo amor de siempre, te quiere Vicente 12-28-62”

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