11 Times Speaking Spanish Has Saved Your Life

Being fluent in English and Spanish is never a bad thing, but in certain cases speaking Spanish is beyond a blessing, especially…

When a creeper throws cheesy pickup lines at you.

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At Work Today Like ??? #NoSpeaking #Inglish #NoSeNada #NoHabloIngles ??

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It’s the perfect time to pull the old “no hablo inglés” card.

When someone talks smack about you in Spanish because you don’t look Latina

Yep, more often than I'd care to admit! Too funny… 🙂 #DominicanaSoy #BeingBilingual

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Their face is priceless when you bust out with a response en español and they’re like OMAIGA!

When you are hungry AF and need to order at a taqueria.
Tres de Asada Meme

No language barrier here, just hook me up con tres tacos y pronto, please.

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When something is only funny because you know Spanish.



When you take Spanish in school for the easy A.

Classroom gif

And also become the most popular person in the class.

When the man of your dreams only speaks Spanish.


Not only are you happy to chase after him, you are thrilled there’s no language barrier.

When you understand slang that makes no sense to gringos.

What the fart?
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“Qué pedo” makes perfect sense in Spanish, but in English… don’t even bother trying to translate it.

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When you’re at a Latino grocery store and EVERYTHING makes perfect sense.

I saw this and couldn't stop laughing. ?#BilingualProblems #LasAventurasDeJudithV #AdvanceParoleII

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Other people be scratchin’ their heads and you’re like, “OMG, outta my way… I love cheesecake!”

When you can watch a show without reading the subtitles.

Narcos is an awesome show #hispanic #narcos #subtitles #showbox

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It makes it so much easier to binge-watch the show, qué no?

When you can order an horchata…


…without sounding like you are calling someone a flat-nosed whore.

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When you want to be a little more dramatic.

Face it, Spanish lets you be WAY more emotive than English.

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This Bilingual Children’s Book Will Teach Little Ones About The First Latina Who Went To Space


This Bilingual Children’s Book Will Teach Little Ones About The First Latina Who Went To Space

Instagram / @pattyrodriguez

The beloved bilingual children’s book series Lil’ Libros announced the subject of its latest storybook, and we’re probably (read: definitely!) more excited than the babies the series targets: It’s Dr. Ellen Ochoa.

A veteran astronaut, Ochoa was the first Latina to ever travel to space. In 1993, she served on the nine-day STS-56 mission aboard the space shuttle Discovery. She’d journey beyond our planet four more times, including on the STS-66, STS-96 and STS-110. In total, the Mexican-American history-maker logged nearly 1,000 hours in orbit.

On Thursday, Patty Rodriguez, who co-founded Lil’ Libros five years ago with her best friend Ariana Stein, excitedly dropped the news on Instagram.

“‘The Solar System with/ El sistema solar con Ellen’ [is] a bilingual book that will celebrate the journey of a trailblazer. A book in English and Spanish that I hope inspires all our children to know that no dream is too big. Proof that we can touch the stars,” she wrote in a caption on a slideshow of Ochoa and of the cover of the book.

Rodriguez also noted how thrilled she was to have interviewed Ochoa, a fellow Latina from Los Angeles, for the book.

“My voice was shaking and my heart beating so fast,” she said of their encounter.

Rodriguez and Stein launched the Los Angeles-based publishing company in 2014. Since then, they have released more than 15 Spanish-English board books that teach numbers, letters, shapes and words in English and Spanish. One of its most popular sellers are its biographical installments, which include “The Life of Selena (La vida de Selena)” and “The Life of Celia” (La vida de Celia),” among others.

“At Lil’ Libros, the mission is … to elevate our stories and voices. And thanks to you we have been able to create beautiful books that celebrate who we are and our contributions,” Rodriguez added in the post.

The book, which does not have a release date yet, shows a youthful Ochoa proudly standing in her orange space suit, holding onto her helmet, among a starry night.

“This image of her brings me so much pride and joy. Dr. Ellen Ochoa, in her space suit and the American flag. Just wow,” ⁣Rodriguez said.

Ochoa, who was also the 11th director of the Johnson Space Center, and its first-ever Latinx leader, is a brilliant barrier-breaker, and soon the babies in our lives will learn about her life and legacy through the illustrated, bilingual book — that is, if we don’t keep it for ourselves.

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People Are Attempting To Discredit A Student’s Recent Perfect Score On A Spanish AP Exam Because He Is Latino


People Are Attempting To Discredit A Student’s Recent Perfect Score On A Spanish AP Exam Because He Is Latino

Arturo Ballesteros Facebook | NBC News

For those that believe Latinos automatically do well in Spanish class think again. The Spanish language among Latinos continues to decline. According to Pew Research, 73 percent of Latinos spoke Spanish at home in 2015, which has dropped from 78 percent in 2006. That’s to say, the younger generation of Latinos do not go hand-in-hand with Spanish as it is believed to be, and that’s what makes this story so extraordinary.

A 17-year-old Chicago student got a perfect score on his Spanish AP exam.

Before you think, well, of course, he got a perfect score, he’s Latino. That assumption that young Latinos understand Spanish and write it perfectly is entirely ridiculous. Speaking Español with mom and dad is not the same as writing comprehension in Spanish.

Out of 189,658 students, Arturo Ballesteros from Chicago was one of 100 to get a perfect score.

“I saw I had gotten a perfect score and was like, ‘Oh my God,’” the high school junior told NBC News. “I was blown out of the water.”

Ballesteros was in shock because he didn’t believe he did that well on the test.

“On some of the sections, I felt like I could’ve done better,” he told the Chicago Sun-Times.

His teacher, Benita Arguellez at Back of the Yards College Prep and Principal Patricia Brekke, knew Ballesteros had it in him.

“He has an incredible level of humility,” Brekke told the Chicago Sun-Times. “Yes, he’s incredibly smart, we all know that. But he’s a really good person, and that’s what makes him great.”

“Everything comes natural to him. He’s able to elaborate with the richest vocabulary,” Arguellez added.

So what exactly does this Spanish AP test cover? Lots.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the exam includes 65 multiple choice questions, a written persuasive essay that must outline “the value of digital library resources over physical texts,” a business email response, “an impromptu two-minute presentation comparing the cultural norms around keeping pets in Mexico and the United States, and discuss the merits of a career in law with a hypothetical acquaintance. All in conversational, college-level Spanish.” Holy cow.

Ballesteros credits embracing his Latino culture and the Spanish language for his perfect score, and of course, his parents.

“Spanish is a really great language. It’s the second most spoken language in the world,” Ballesteros told NBC News. “So I would say to students and young people who come from Spanish-speaking families to embrace that and learn from a young age, because it will be useful in your professional and academic life.”

He added that it is because of his parents that he will hopefully attend the University of Chicago when he graduates.

“I told my parents because I owe my accomplishments to them, but I don’t like to randomly talk about myself like that or come off as arrogant.”

We love that humility! Congrats, Arturo!

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