11 Times Speaking Spanish Has Saved Your Life

Being fluent in English and Spanish is never a bad thing, but in certain cases speaking Spanish is beyond a blessing, especially…

When a creeper throws cheesy pickup lines at you.

Credit: stayclassysupernatural / Tumblr



When someone talks smack about you in Spanish because you don’t look Latina

When you are hungry AF and need to order at a taqueria.

When something is only funny because you know Spanish.


When you take Spanish in school for the easy A.

When the man of your dreams only speaks Spanish.


When you understand slang that makes no sense to gringos.

When you’re at a Latino grocery store and EVERYTHING makes perfect sense.

Credit: judithhuerta/Instagram

Other people be scratchin’ their heads and you’re like, “OMG, outta my way… I love cheesecake!”

When you can watch a show without reading the subtitles.


When you can order an horchata…

When you want to be a little more dramatic.

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