8 Moments I’ve Seen Other Latinos Bounce Back And Kick Ass From Hardships

Things we’re stereotyped for all the time: being loud, talking like we’re angry, being bad tempered. TBH, these same characteristics seen under the right light have reaffirmed time and again how proud I am to be Latina. Like that time…

When she bounced back to give back.

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Second generation Mexican blogger, Liz Beth from BBWGeneration, and her kids were homeless after she ended her abusive marriage. On top of working to provide for her children as an accountant and blogging about plus sized fashion, she works as a volunteer for homeless shelters and collects food to give to people living on the streets of LA. *Grabs tissue*

When a racially-charged insult didn’t keep her down.

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One time, as I waited for my hip hop class to start at a corridor outside a casting in LA, I overheard a group of white actresses suggesting the only Latina on call, a boricua, leave as they were “never going to give her the part with an accent like that.” She replied, “In a multicultural country like the U.S., that comment is dumb and out of place.”

When she rocked being bi-lingual.

Once, I received an email from of a Colombian graphic designer, the signature read: “Typos courtesy of my iPhone and my South American roots.” 🙂

When she was fearLESS.

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In front of an audience of 300 Latina entrepreneurs, Rosie Rivera spoke about her experience as a victim of sexual abuse and her critical views of traditional Hispanic media. Rivera encouraged all women to use their voices. She proves that even after a horrible experience, you’re strong enough to move forward and even help others.

When they stood loud in their silence.

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On February 18th, Latinos and their supporters spoke loud and clear to the U.S. government when businesses across Wisconsin shut down during the “Day Without Latinos.” The initiative was presented in response to two controversial bills. One intended to prevent cities from issuing photo IDs, the other would have made it legal for police officers to question anyone about their legal status. Take that.

When he broke through.

“Make sure for once and forever the color of our skin becomes as irrelevant as the length of our hair,” said Alejandro Iñárritu, during his Oscar acceptance speech as Best Director for “The Revenant.” This is the type of speech that deserves a standing ovation.

When she redefined beauty.

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Not only has Denise Bidot successfully challenge the traditional concept of beauty and sexiness, she takes every opportunity to highlight the importance of self love and self acceptance. “Beauty is not a size. You can be a size 2 and be curvy or you can be a size 24 and be curvy. Curvy is being a woman,” commented the model at the launch party of HBO’s “El Negocio, in New York City.

When she keeps children safe and fed.

On top of her full time job as a public relations manager, Denisse Montalvo runs The Orphan Earring, a charity that recycles old jewelry and turns them into new beautiful pieces. The funds from all sales bring school supplies to four orphanages in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Colombia.

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