8 Moments I’ve Seen Other Latinos Bounce Back And Kick Ass From Hardships

Things we’re stereotyped for all the time: being loud, talking like we’re angry, being bad tempered. TBH, these same characteristics seen under the right light have reaffirmed time and again how proud I am to be Latina. Like that time…

When she bounced back to give back.

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When a racially-charged insult didn’t keep her down.

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One time, as I waited for my hip hop class to start at a corridor outside a casting in LA, I overheard a group of white actresses suggesting the only Latina on call, a boricua, leave as they were “never going to give her the part with an accent like that.” She replied, “In a multicultural country like the U.S., that comment is dumb and out of place.”

When she rocked being bi-lingual.

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When she was fearLESS.

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When they stood loud in their silence.

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When he broke through.

When she redefined beauty.

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When she keeps children safe and fed.

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