The Shady Things Mom Said Really Was For Our Own Good

She was right, lo decía por nuestro bien. Like when she said…

Por eso no tienes novio.

Credit: Televisa

That was always her way of telling you you needed to improve certain areas of your life. Ok, maybe all.

No sabes hervir ni el agua.

Credit: gifs-for-the-masses / Tumblr

That was her way of saying she wanted to spend more time together in the kitchen. Tough love.

Pero sigue comiendo tus mugreritos.

Credit: lifeistoshortsotalkfast / Tumblr

After realizing you had the freshmen 15. Immediately you started eating healthier ?.

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Con esos tacones pareces Bambi aprendiendo a caminar.

Credit: Bambi / Disney / eclecticpandas / Tumblr

You probably would’ve broken an ankle had you gone to the club in 6 inch heels. All good, you dance better in flats anyway.

When she told you you shouldn’t have that second taco.

Credit: waters-in-my-lungs / Tumblr

Ok, rude. But she was right.

When she said, “no me gusta tu amiguita.”


Credit: @fuckjerry / Instagram

Because she knew that amiguita was shady and didn’t want us to turn out that way.

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Those jeans make you look like a tamal.


Credit: @terror_fashion / Instagram

Maybe it was the worst fashion choice of your teen years. Glad she talked you out of it.

Or any other time she didn’t let you show skin.

Credit: @puro_jajaja / Instagram

This turned you into the classy lady you are today.

When she said she didn’t really like your man.

Credit: martintgp / Tumblr

You had no idea what you were thinking and wish you wouldn’t have wasted three years of your life.

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When she called your friends convenencieras.

Credit: Glee / Fox / moodyredhead / Tumblr

 She convinced you they weren’t your friends because of your sparkling personality, but because you had a car.

She even stopped you when you tried dressing like the Rebelde girls.

Credit: Televisa

Can you imagine the looks you would’ve gotten when you got to class wearing a tiny plaid skirt? Thanks, mom.

When she told you you’d look like a guera oxigenada if you bleached your hair.

Credit: @beritjansenhair / Instagram

Twenty treatments later you now wish you would’ve listened to her. #PelosDeEscoba

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