11 Things Every Unmarried Latina Over 25 Has Heard

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As if dealing with the *sometimes* lonely days of single hood isn’t depressing enough, mami has her not-so-subtle ways of reminding you you’re the only one in la familia entera who hasn’t been able to score a life partner.

“I’m not going to be able to die in peace knowing no one will take care of you.”


She’s only 45. Eye roll.

“Tu prima Ana, remember the one you used to babysit? She’s getting married next week.”


Ok mom, so let’s not focus on the fact that I have a career and a house under my name and she… Well, I’m not going to throw her under the bus.

“Where did I fail, mija? Dime, qué hice mal?!”


Umm… What do you mean? Look at me, I’m flaw-less.

“I guess I should give your Christening outfit away to charity at this point.”


Go ahead, no kid of mine will ever wear that.

“Mija, you really have to check that genio, you’re scaring guys away.”


Dad seems to be dealing with your genio just fine.

“What do you think about a singles’ cruise for Christmas?”


Cruise? Someone might accidentally go overboard.

“Yo le hablé al padre, he’s looking into nice suitors for you.”


I finally have an excuse to stop showing my face at Sunday mass again.

“You know how God feels about unmarried people.”


Of all the things that God has to worry about, I’m sure his priority list goes:


World Hunger

Me not being married

“Yo ya no se qué decirle a mis amigas.”


Seriously, my singleness is the only topic of conversation you guys have? That’s how you know the telenovela isn’t lit. You’re talking about me.

“I always wanted to be a grandmother. I can kiss that dream adios.”


Really mom, how many more do you need?

“Do you hate men that much or are you just trying to punish me?”


Yeah mom, I am purposely staying single just to make you miserable.

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Guess Which States Produce The Most Anti-Latino Tweets

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Guess Which States Produce The Most Anti-Latino Tweets


Twitter can be a place where Internet trolls come to spit out hateful, 140-character messages of bullying — just ask Tay, Microsoft’s AI chatbot who was turned into a woman-hating, anti-Semite who wanted to exterminate all Mexicans just 24 hours after it was thrown to the Twitter wolves.

But where are the most the cities with the most racists tweets, specifically against Latinos, coming from? Surprisingly, from one of the most progressive states in the country: California.

Despite its diversity, California placed in the top 10 ?.

Credit: Abodo.com

Recently, apartment-finding website Abodo tracked “the language Americans use when tweeting about different races, ethnicities, genders, religions and sexual orientations.” From the data gathered, Adobo created lists to inform customers of the most tolerant and least tolerant cities.

Abodo explains on their blog that they scraped Twitter between June 2014 to December 2015 for this project, looking for specific key words that would affect different segments of the population, like “women,” “gay and lesbian people,” “intellectually disabled people,” “black people” and “hispanic/Latino people.” For Latinos, those slurs included “spic,” “wetback” and “beaner.”

Overall, they looked at more than 12 million tweets. And what did they find?  Out of all the cities, towns, parishes, etc. in the United States, California produced six of the top 10 cities for anti-Hispanic tweets, with five landing in the top spots. Guess there isn’t so much California love after all.

Bakersfield, Chula Vista, Modesto, Fontana and Riverside, Calif. are the top five cities with the most anti-Hispanic tweets in the country.


Most, if not all of these cities, have one thing in common. Can you guess what that is? Here’s a clue:


Credit: @ft_highmami/Twitter

Yep, all of these cities have sizable Latino populations. Bakersfield, according to Census data, is slightly over 45 percent Latino. This commonality wasn’t lost on Abodo, who noted that the states that ranked the highest for bigoted tweets also happened to be the five states with the largest share of Latinos. In contrast, places like Maine (the whitest state in America) ranked pretty low.

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Do you live in one of the cities mentioned above? Have you experienced racial slurs on Twitter as a resident in Bakersfield? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to click the share button.

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