Times Latinos Had Best Responses to Haters in 2015

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Latinos never back down. This year, we’ve had our share of uphill battles, but we’re certainly not afraid to shut down annoying naysayers. Like the time…

Gina Rodriguez confronted a hater who said Latino celebs use their heritage as a “marketing” tool.


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When a Twitter user criticized Rodriguez of not being able to write in Spanish and, in the same breath, also accused Latino celebrities of using their heritage as a marketing tool, the actress quickly took to social media to shut it down.

“You know what’s lame is you are wrong…But why discriminate against ur ppl? Hater,” wrote the Jane the Virgin star on Twitter. Adding, “I walk around Brown, I don’t advertise it to get ahead, if that marketing tool worked we would be represented more!” Yassss!

And who can forget this Latina news anchor, who took on haters who criticized her Spanish accent.

Credit: @vanessar12news / Twitter

Vanessa Ruiz, a local news anchor for Channel 12 News in Arizona, received criticism for pronouncing certain Spanish-derived words the way a native Spanish speaker would pronounce them. After the “backlash,” Ruiz made a public statement to address her haters. Watch the video here.

George Lopez also made headlines after shutting down the Donald in a Funny or Die skit.

Credit: NBC/ Funny Or Die

After Trump’s racist comments about Latino immigrants, Lopez decided to hit the republican presidential hopeful back with a special message in the form of a hilarious Funny or Die skit. Watch how Lopez morphs into a Mexican Donald Trump à la Humpty Dumpty. Take that, Trump!

Eva Longoria created an uplifting campaign to tackle those obnoxious immigrant haters.

Credit: Latino Victory Project/YouTube

In September, Longoria launched “The Firsts Campaign” in response to the anti-immigrant banter that continues to make headlines. The campaign highlights Latinos who were the first members of their families to graduate high school or college, open their own business, or vote in a U.S. election. Immigration haters, what you got now?

On that same note, Emilio Estefan, Pitbull and Wisin also stood up against discrimination.

Credit: Estefan Channel/YouTube

In an effort to stop the anti-immigrant rhetoric in the U.S., musical artists and celebrities lent their voices to sing  “We’re All Mexican,” a tribute song that celebrates the American dream and spotlights the positive contributions of Latinos to the United States. Ya tu sabes!

America Ferrera took on a hater who called her the “C” word.

Credit: NBC/damnthosewords/Tumblr

How rude! Ferrera’s new comedy show, Superstore premiered last month, but her return to TV wasn’t so well received by one hater, who ironically praised the show but called the actress the “C” word. So what’s a sweet gal like Ferrera do? Kill him with kindness. “Well, I’m glad you like the show! Thanks for watching!,” Tweeted the star. Class-y!

Badass actress, Michelle Rodriguez slayed haters who criticized her sexual orientation.


Credit: Universal/elmundo-estuyo/Tumblr

In an interview with E! News, the Fast and Furious star addressed haters who criticized her for not defining her sexuality.

“I think everybody should be open about everything in their lives, but at the end of the day the world isn’t that black and white,” she said. “In the real world the truth comes with judgment. And with judgment comes opinion and with opinion comes stupidity, ignorance and all these other things that can really mess up your life. I have tons of friends who are in the closet, and you know what? Respect. Because you can’t control how people are. You’ve got haters out there. There are too many variables to really judge somebody on their sexual preference. It’s just ignorant.” Preach it, girl.

Selena Gomez blasted a hater who told her to stop eating junk food and work out instead.

Credit: tugbaheaven/YouTube

Messing with Selena Gomez may not be the wisest thing to do. When a hater body-shamed the singer, she quickly responded back with strong words.

“You’re disgusting. I’M IN the business and I could care less about what ‘they’ or you say I should look like. I don’t need to do anything other than love myself, take care of my work, fans, family and friends… And I do work out.” And you look fab, Selena!

Demi Lovato fired back at haters who criticized her racy Cosmopolitan cover.

Credit: pretty-lonely-girl/Tumblr

Lovato’s revealing cover photo lead to The National Center on Sexual Exploitation to launch a “Cosmo Harms Minors” campaign, with RiteAid announcing that the magazine would be banned — news that didn’t sit too well with the singer.

“What these individuals who are protesting don’t understand is that for the first time in a long time I feel incredibly EMPOWERED and the MOST BEAUTIFUL I’ve ever felt on this magazine,” wrote Lovato. “I think what’s more important is showing women there’s NOTHING WRONG with embracing their bodies and sexuality. I am confident in my own skin and A PROUD @COSMOPOLITAN COVER GIRL!”

Gina Rodriguez had a similar experience when haters made fun of her People en Español cover.

You know what saddens my heart, is when you try and celebrate an accomplishment with those that have helped you achieve it and no matter what, someone, anyone, has something negative to say. Whether it was from the way my toes curled under to the way I typed my spanish. We desire to project our own insecurities and hatred on another. When did we decide social media was for hating, for putting others down rather than lifting them up. I refuse to participate in that kind of world. Before you write a comment today on anyone's picture or anyone's page ask yourself would you want others to say that about yourself? What am I getting out of being mean to another person I have never met? Yesterday I shared my joy for the cover of @peopleenespanol and I was blown away at the immediate hate projected on my page. My question to you today is this, do you know the power you have in this world and do you desire to use it for good? I do. #NoToKeyboardCourage

A photo posted by Gina Rodriguez (@hereisgina) on

Credit: @hereisgina / Instagram

When Rodriguez’s People en Español cover was released, the Filly Brown star took to Instagram to share the photo and thank all those involved by writing in Spanish. A few minutes laters, her comment section was filled with messages from haters, who criticized her Spanish writing skills and her toes!

Here’s how she shut down the haters: “When did we decide social media was for hating, for putting others down rather than lifting them up. I refuse to participate in that kind of world. Yesterday I shared my joy for the cover of @peopleenespanol and I was blown away at the immediate hate projected on my page. My question to you today is this, do you know the power you have in this world and do you desire to use it for good? I do.”

Pope Francis went to Congress preach about immigration.

Credit: micdotcom/Tumblr

Pope Francis made history as the first pontiff to address Congress during his visit to the U.S. in September. He not only shared papal words of wisdom ,but also tackled immigration:

“In recent centuries, millions of people came to this land to pursue their dream of building a future in freedom. We, the people of this continent, are not fearful of foreigners, because most of us were once foreigners. I say this to you as the son of immigrants, knowing that so many of you are also descended from immigrants.” Add this to the list or reasons why we heart him.

Chiquis Rivera dissed haters who said she’s capitalizing on her mother’s famous name.

Credit: chiquisrivera/Tumblr

When Chiquis Rivera released her first single “Paloma Blanca” in early 2014, negative reactions exploded on social media, mostly about her singing abilities. She was also immediately compared to her late mother, Jenni Rivera. Now, Chiquis finally has a few words for her haters:

“I won’t let those things affect me. On the contrary, they motivate me. I won’t fail. I [won’t ] give them that pleasure,” she told Billboard this year. “ I have a lot of faith. And I really believe in the law of attractions. Sometimes I laugh. I have to understand that these people are obviously not happy in their lives. So I think maybe they’re the problem. How can they hide behind the computer and say all kinds of mean things?  I focus on God and on the people who are supportive.”

What was your favorite hater shut down moment? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to click share to let haters know they don’t want to mess with us.

Tessa Thompson Met A Mini Version Of Herself During ‘Men In Black’ Premiere


Tessa Thompson Met A Mini Version Of Herself During ‘Men In Black’ Premiere

When the original “Men In Black” premiered in 1997, there’s no denying it was a mega box office hit. In fact, we’re a bit more surprised that it took this long for there to be another installation to the franchise. Now, 22 years later, the new version, fittingly titled, “Men In Black: International” the film is more inclusive, which is certainly appreciated in this day and age.

It’s because of this diverse representation that Latinas can see themselves on the big screen.

Last week, during the “Men In Black” premiere Tessa Thompson spotted a little girl who was dressed just like her in the movie.


Thompson recounted the moment on Instagram and discussed how much she’s been through with the filming of the movie and doing press all over the world. She said it was this moment that meant so much to her.

“These past couple weeks have been almost a blur— except, my favorite moment of all— meeting the one person I really made @meninblack for. Hers was the first face I saw when I arrived to the premiere— and it’s still on my mind. And what she said to me, I’ll never forget.”

This moment really signifies why representation matters so much.


People seem to forget how many others are excluded when we see a movie or TV show, so when you see a person that looks like you starring in a massive project, it’s an encouraging thing that means to so many. Now we’re wondering what that little girl said to her. Please tell us, Tessa!

Thompson’s role in the new “Men In Black” also came with a couple of changes including something she didn’t want to say just because Will Smith said it in the original.


Thompson said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that she didn’t want the new movie to be too much like the old one, which makes sense especially because this is 2019! We don’t need to regress to 1997.

In the original movie, Smith says “I make this look good” after he first puts on his suit. Thompson said she would never say that line.

“I wouldn’t have said it. In fact, I think someone did ask me to — just as an option — and I said no. M [her character] is just different from that character [Agent J/Smith]. Yeah, I was really conscious of too much nostalgia. Also, inside of that, there were moments when I thought, ‘Let’s lean in.'”

Yes!! That is why we need more women of color in movies!

Latina Journalist Captures André 3000 Playing An Indigenous Mayan Flute At LAX And It’s Just So Awesome


Latina Journalist Captures André 3000 Playing An Indigenous Mayan Flute At LAX And It’s Just So Awesome

@antoniacere / Twitter

We see celebrities all the time at the airport. Sometimes they’re noteworthy (Edward James Olmos, Rosario Dawson), sometimes they’re yawners (Gérard Depardieu), but imagine seeing one half of Outkast at your gate. Wouldn’t you freak out? That’s exactly what happened to a New York-based journalist.

Antonia Cereijido, a producer for NPR’s Latino USA podcast, was casually waiting for her flight at the Los Angeles Airport when she spotted André 3000.


The sighting almost wasn’t meant to be. Cerejido explained that she had missed her first flight.

“The crazy thing is I was supposed to take a flight at 11:15 the night before,” she told Slate in an interview, “but there were 50 minutes of traffic at the airport, so I missed my flight. I was very upset. I had to buy flights for the next day, and I was annoyed. I arrived super early, like, “I’m not going to miss my second flight.”

When she realized it was him, she — as any smart person would do — asked to take a picture with him.


“Well, I think I said, ‘I’m a big fan of yours,’ and then because my friend had said, ‘That’s not a flute,’ I asked, ‘What instrument is that?’ and he said, ‘Oh, it’s a flute. It’s an indigenous double flute.’ Then I asked to take a photo. I was sort of starstruck. I took the photo, and I went away as quickly as possible before I said anything and I sat down. Then we all boarded the plane, and I uploaded the post on Instagram and on Twitter. I saw that it was popular because it was probably only up for 10 minutes and it had 600 likes.”

Yeah, her tweet was popular. It’s gotten more than 50K retweets.

Credit: @antoniacere / Twitter

“I had one tweet before get kind of popular,” she told Slate. “It was, like, a thousand likes, so I was excited. Then I turned my phone off. And then, when we landed six hours later, it had 68,000 likes. And actually, my first feeling was dread. I felt kind of bad, like, what if I’m outing—what if this is what he does, he goes to places and plays the flute and kind of stays low-key? Because it wasn’t like he was asking for a lot of attention—he was doing his own thing. And I could tell that he saw I was staring at him when he was going back-and-forth, but it wasn’t like he was mad at the attention. He was just sort of neutral.”

But, about that indigenous flute.

Credit: @antoniacere / Twitter

People on social media actually questioned her about her flute knowledge, but she got the response directly from André and the makers.

“I just got off the phone with Guillermo Martinez the man who made Andres’s beautiful flute, she tweeted. “It’s a Mayan double flute. He and his shop are doing incredible work by keeping the music if indigenous North American communities alive. Here is his website: https://www.quetzalcoatlmusic.org/ 

The best part about the story is how Outkast is part of her family history.

Credit: antocere / Instagram

“My family is originally from Argentina, and when we first moved from New York to San Diego, it was so different from my experience up until then that my family became really close,” she told Slate. “And there were two things we listened to all the time: the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Outkast. And we became obsessed with the Speakerboxxx/The Love Below album. My mom had a dream that André 3000 taught us the “Hey Ya!” dance. I always remembered that, because it was such a funny thing for my mom to say. And so I have this very fond feeling about him, and he lived up to that. My mom dreamed that he would be nice and teach us something, and that happened to me in real life, which is so crazy.”

So awesome!

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