Selena Gomez’s Shade Is Baby Talk Compared to Aubrey Plaza’s

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Pawnee City Hall’s April Ludgate is our numero uno. From acerbic in-your-FACE one-liners to a stand-up-and-cheer rush of Latino pride, she totally gets us.

When people tell you you don’t look Mexican – or Latina for that matter.

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Not every Latina and Latino looks the same. There are 21 Spanish-speaking countries, so just chill with the generalizations, thanks.

When people ask why you drink so much.

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“What does your new boyfriend have that I don’t?” – Your no-good ex.

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“I mean, just look at him.”

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She totally gets what it’s like rolling in to work on a Monday.

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You want to just say f this sh*t.

She knows the grown-up struggle all too well. ?

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You need to keep your lame ass 9–5 because you have bills, student loans, car insurance, Netflix, Hulu, eHarmony, Internet…

Just like you, she demands respect from non-Latino friends when using the native tongue.

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I am a queen and deserve to be treated like one.

She knows this is you low-key plan your enemy’s demise.

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Because maybe Yolanda has it coming for being such a rat.

When you discuss your future plans with your parents and they try to give you advice.

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You’ve had just about enough of the same BS.

When you get asked about your after work or school plans.

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“If there isn’t a cat, blankets, and Netflix involved, I’m out.”

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Literally, every time you talk sh*t with your friends, but don’t want people to know.

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Until that one person turns around and responds in Spanish. ?

And this is you every time you visit your family and the questions come pouring down on you.

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11 Hilarious Reaction GIFs from 'Mi Vida Loca'


11 Hilarious Reaction GIFs from ‘Mi Vida Loca’

Mi Vida Loca has a lot going on. It’s a film about friendship. It’s about betrayal. It’s about the naïveté of young people who grow up way too fast. And of course, it’s about EYE ROLLS. There are sooo many good eye rolls in Mi Vida Loca that we just had to create a GIF library for you to use. Here are some suggestions:

1. When you say you’re bored and your mom yells “Ponte a limpiar.”


2. When your crush knows how you feel, but you’re trying to hide it…


3. When your sibling puts you on blast in front of your parents…


4. When you hear someone use the term “spicy Latina.”


5. When you’re thinking about getting tostilocos after school…


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6. When your tía asks if you have a boyfriend…


7. When you overhear someone bragging about how many followers they have on Snapchat.


8. When you just left a dish “remojando” and your mom already wants you to wash it…



TFW… you call out for the elotero pero no te pela…


TFW… you just called out your friend for tagging an ugly photo of you…


TFW… when your homegirl is drunk and says something that actually makes sense…


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