Selena Gomez’s Shade Is Baby Talk Compared to Aubrey Plaza’s

Pawnee City Hall’s April Ludgate is our numero uno. From acerbic in-your-FACE one-liners to a stand-up-and-cheer rush of Latino pride, she totally gets us.

When people tell you you don’t look Mexican – or Latina for that matter.

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Not every Latina and Latino looks the same. There are 21 Spanish-speaking countries, so just chill with the generalizations, thanks.

When people ask why you drink so much.

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“What does your new boyfriend have that I don’t?” – Your no-good ex.

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“I mean, just look at him.”

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She totally gets what it’s like rolling in to work on a Monday.

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You want to just say f this sh*t.

She knows the grown-up struggle all too well. ?

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You need to keep your lame ass 9–5 because you have bills, student loans, car insurance, Netflix, Hulu, eHarmony, Internet…

Just like you, she demands respect from non-Latino friends when using the native tongue.

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I am a queen and deserve to be treated like one.

She knows this is you low-key plan your enemy’s demise.

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Because maybe Yolanda has it coming for being such a rat.

When you discuss your future plans with your parents and they try to give you advice.

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You’ve had just about enough of the same BS.

When you get asked about your after work or school plans.

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“If there isn’t a cat, blankets, and Netflix involved, I’m out.”

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Literally, every time you talk sh*t with your friends, but don’t want people to know.

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Until that one person turns around and responds in Spanish. ?

And this is you every time you visit your family and the questions come pouring down on you.

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