Selena Gomez’s Shade Is Baby Talk Compared to Aubrey Plaza’s

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Pawnee City Hall’s April Ludgate is our numero uno. From acerbic in-your-FACE one-liners to a stand-up-and-cheer rush of Latino pride, she totally gets us.

When people tell you you don’t look Mexican – or Latina for that matter.

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Not every Latina and Latino looks the same. There are 21 Spanish-speaking countries, so just chill with the generalizations, thanks.

When people ask why you drink so much.

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“What does your new boyfriend have that I don’t?” – Your no-good ex.

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“I mean, just look at him.”

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She totally gets what it’s like rolling in to work on a Monday.

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You want to just say f this sh*t.

She knows the grown-up struggle all too well. ?

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You need to keep your lame ass 9–5 because you have bills, student loans, car insurance, Netflix, Hulu, eHarmony, Internet…

Just like you, she demands respect from non-Latino friends when using the native tongue.

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I am a queen and deserve to be treated like one.

She knows this is you low-key plan your enemy’s demise.

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Because maybe Yolanda has it coming for being such a rat.

When you discuss your future plans with your parents and they try to give you advice.

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You’ve had just about enough of the same BS.

When you get asked about your after work or school plans.

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“If there isn’t a cat, blankets, and Netflix involved, I’m out.”

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Literally, every time you talk sh*t with your friends, but don’t want people to know.

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Until that one person turns around and responds in Spanish. ?

And this is you every time you visit your family and the questions come pouring down on you.

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Kay Lopez Developed Instagram Gifs To Better Represent All Kinds Of Latinas

Things That Matter

Kay Lopez Developed Instagram Gifs To Better Represent All Kinds Of Latinas

Latinx representation in media is limited but leaders like Kay Lopez,a  34-year-old social strategist and content developer, are working to change that. For her latest project she developed 100 gifs to better represent Latinas beyond those normally attached to brands or stereotypes. 

“I wasn’t finding any gifs that really spoke to how I felt Latinas should be describing their power and self. The few gifs that I did come across were tied to alcohol brands and soccer teams. It was hard to understand why these gifs didn’t already exist,” she told FIERCE by mitú. 

Her background is in social strategy and content development, and she used her skills in graphic design to create the gifs “that spoke to the Latina community.”

She also tapped into the community she developed through the Instagram account, Latinas Poderosas which has more than 30k followers. 


The ethos behind the online community is to uplift Latinas and claim space in the digital world while promoting positivity. 

“Empowering our community is the foundation of Latinas Poderosas. My goal has always been to empower Latinas by showcasing both past and present Latinas who have created positive impact. Women who have not settled, women who have pushed boundaries and who have made their dreams possible despite obstacles.” she said.

This was the same intention she brought to the project so she reached out to the members of this community to find out what it was they wanted, opening up her DMs to suggestions and requests.

She initially drafted several empowering terms that spoke to Latinx in a positive way.

Eventually, her efforts evolved into working to ensure she represented the diversity within the Latinx community. 

She asks for two to three words max per phrase and is continuously looking for popular colloquial adjectives throughout Latin America  to “truly capture the diversity of our community.” 

“I wanted terms that were not focused on one country, I wanted to pull and showcase the diversity in our phrases and the diversity of the Spanish language. Today you’ll find gifs that read ‘cachimbona’ a phrase used in El Salvador, ‘La Llorona’ which ties to Mexican [folklore], ‘Ya Tu Sabes’  used in the Dominican Republic, and, one of my favorites, ‘Blaxican’ created by special request. The more terms we have the more impact we have!”

Since launching earlier this month the gifs have already generated more than 20 million views and counting and so far the most popular terms are “Prima Hermana,” “Mija,” and “Bebecita.” 

Lopez, who is a first-generation Mexican-American Houston transplant living in Los Angeles, is constantly working to make the gifs more inclusive and representative. 

According to one report, nearly 40 million Instagram users over the age of 18 were Latinx in 2014 and yet, according to Lopez, the only gifs available to Latinx were primarily stereotypes. 

“I want to refrain from Latinx stereotypes as much as possible, words like ‘caliente,’ ‘chancla’ ‘tacos’ – with the exception of  ‘tacos before vatos’ which was a request from a fan – and I definitely want to stay away from words that insult our community or other communities. I want the gifs to showcase the diversity of our language, our culture, and the vibrancy of our roots.”

Diversity in a community that includes nearly a quarter of U.S. Latinos who self-identify as Afro-Latino among the millions of immigrants who come from 33 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Her efforts are undoubtedly making the social sphere all the more colorful.

This addition to the digital landscape means that when someone searches “Latina,” “latinas poderosa” or “latinx” in the gif section on Instagram or Snapchat, they’ll be flooded with colorful words including “reina,” “poderosa,” and “diosa.”

Switching up the narrative is ultimately the goal, it’s empowerment at people’s fingertips when the terminology associated with the Latinx community, specifically women, goes from sexual or provocative (the common associations with Latinas) to diverse and uplifting. 

“I want Latinas to know that they matter, that they’re seen and heard. I want to encourage our community to create. If you find our narrative missing don’t just shrug it off, do something and create it because no one else will create it for us.” 

Did She Flip Her Hair? Here’s What She’s Saying


Did She Flip Her Hair? Here’s What She’s Saying

Because you can say everything and nothing with just one hair flip.

There’s nothing like punctuating your point with a don’t-even-try-it hair flip, a la Santana Lopez.


Credit: Glee / Fox / WE TV / Giphy

Because you always have the last word. ?

When you’re trying to act cool when your crush walks into the room.


Credit: malia-hale / Tumblr

“Oh, that. I was just stretching my neck. I didn’t even notice you.”

Acting innocent is always easier when you have a pigtail to twirl.


Credit: RuPaul’s Drag Race / Logo / drzoerose / Tumblr


We all know this hair flip means the chisme is about to get so real.


Credit: meg-pryor / Tumblr

Giiiiiiiirl, let. Me. Tell. You.

Nothing is more frustrating than hearing your frenemy “recall” a story. But she got you all kinds of f*cked up.


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“I see you, and I’m coming for you.”

When you see someone you don’t like, and you’re just waiting for that person to make one wrong move.


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I’m comin’ for ya.

Getting ready for a hot date like:


Credit: Good Hit / JenniferLopezVEVO / magnetlook / Tumblr

Lookin’ fab.

When you’re in public and someone recognizes you by your IG handle.


Credit: prostitutionhoe / Tumblr

“Thanks, darling. I’ll follow you.” *never follows*

Sometimes, you just can’t control your body when the DJ drops your new jam in the club.


Credit: trustmeyoucandancce / Tumblr

But, like, these moves #GiftFromTheGAWDS.

Then there’s the look-at-how-great-I-am hair flip you give your ex when he passes you at the bar with an obvious downgrade.


Credit: American Idol / Fox / americanidol / Tumblr

This has nothing to do with you, Hector. ?

And, of course, those days when you’re feeling your whole damn outfit!


Credit: selenaqgifs / Tumblr

And you can always give yourself a “Yaasss, kween!” before you leave the house.

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