This White Guy Slayed At El Zapateado Y Bachata During His Wedding Dance And… It. Was. Epic

When you’re Latina, your taste in music is all over the place. So how do you decide between one genre of music or even one language for your wedding song? This Latina didn’t. She and her new hubby got down to so many different types of music… And it was uh-may-zing.

They started with the cliché slow dance…

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We love Ed Sheeran, but like…

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How original.

And then… THIS happened.

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Bachata, what?! Even most Latinos can’t dance that.

If you hadn’t already noticed, her husband is a white guy. That didn’t stop him from also bailando con la cintura sola à la “Danza Kuduro.”

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White boy has moooves. He even backs it up on his wife when dancing to “Danza Kuduro.” They continue with the medley dancing to literally all genres and they even take it back with some old school cumbia with “Sopa de Caracól.” Seriously, the best!

Personal favorite: When he busts out the hat for a zapateado. Whuuuuuut??

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He gets down and doesn’t look like he’s killing roaches either.

This wedding dance is what wedding dreams are made of. Watch the entire video below:

Who said white boys couldn’t dance??….He married a Latina and learned how to dance for their wedding…congrats to both and big props to him!

Posted by Ayana Robles on Sunday, September 6, 2015

Credit: Ayana Robles / Facebook

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