This White Guy Slayed At El Zapateado Y Bachata During His Wedding Dance And… It. Was. Epic

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When you’re Latina, your taste in music is all over the place. So how do you decide between one genre of music or even one language for your wedding song? This Latina didn’t. She and her new hubby got down to so many different types of music… And it was uh-may-zing.

They started with the cliché slow dance…

Ed Sheeran GIF
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We love Ed Sheeran, but like…

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How original.

And then… THIS happened.

Stand By Me
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Bachata, what?! Even most Latinos can’t dance that.

If you hadn’t already noticed, her husband is a white guy. That didn’t stop him from also bailando con la cintura sola à la “Danza Kuduro.”

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White boy has moooves. He even backs it up on his wife when dancing to “Danza Kuduro.” They continue with the medley dancing to literally all genres and they even take it back with some old school cumbia with “Sopa de Caracól.” Seriously, the best!

Personal favorite: When he busts out the hat for a zapateado. Whuuuuuut??

Credit: Ayana Robles / Facebook

He gets down and doesn’t look like he’s killing roaches either.

This wedding dance is what wedding dreams are made of. Watch the entire video below:

Who said white boys couldn’t dance??….He married a Latina and learned how to dance for their wedding…congrats to both and big props to him!

Posted by Ayana Robles on Sunday, September 6, 2015

Credit: Ayana Robles / Facebook

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This Hashtag Shows You What Kind Of Person Supports Bernie Sanders


This Hashtag Shows You What Kind Of Person Supports Bernie Sanders


Bernie Sanders had a good weekend, picking up victories in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii. But instead of basking in the glow of victory, people of color who support the Vermont Senator are lashing out on Twitter against media outlets they believe refuse to acknowledge they even exist.

It all started with this tweet.

Credit: @tokyovampires/Twitter

On Sunday, Leslie Lee III, an African-American English teacher from Louisiana currently living in Japan, tweeted his dissatisfaction with how the media portrays Bernie Sanders supporters as being white. He’s not entirely wrong. As the group Veterans for Bernie pointed out, CNN claimed that Sanders won Alaska because of its huge white population, this after that same news organizations wrote about Alaska’s diversity.

It’s not just CNN. This is an excerpt from a New York Times article about Sanders’s victories:

“Mr. Sanders won that precinct on Saturday, and many others. “I appreciate Bernie’s fervor and honesty,” said Ian Forrester, 25, a barista and rock musician who caucused for Mr. Sanders. “We’ve all seen the poor and the middle class suffer during this economic downfall, and we need someone who cares about them, not about corporations.”

A barista/musician living in Portland, Oreg., who also supports Bernie Sanders? Yeah, that dude sounds like a “Bernie Bro.”

And so #BernieMadeMeWhite, the perfect clapback response, was born.

Credit: @tokyovampires/ Twitter

But instead of accepting the alleged media narrative about Bernie Sanders supporters, Lee started a hashtag that not only makes fun of said narrative, but directly disproves it. #BernieMadeMeWhite became a way for people of color who support Sanders to make themselves known. Naturally, Latinos jumped on the hashtag.

Credit: @GeorgeLA96/Twitter
Credit: @eln1coya/Twitter
Credit: @TastyChomps/Twitter

It wasn’t just Latinos. Other minorities who support Sanders stood up…

Credit: @Sikhprof/Twitter

…Including  (sorta) famous people.


Credit: @lucasbros/Twitter

In case you’re trying to figure out why you recognize the Lucas brothers, they were the twins in “22 Jump Street.” You’re welcome.

Hillary Clinton Supporters, of course, chimed in.


Credit: @Mama_Jones2013/Twitter

So who’s right?

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Latinxs at the Bernie Sanders rally in Los Angeles.

A post shared by Fidel (@fidmart85) on

Credit: @fidmart85/Instagram

Honestly? Both sides make valid points. On the one hand, claims made by people of color who support Bernie Sanders that they’re being ignored are very legitimate. We’ve repeatedly seen data that shows that Sanders does well among young Latinos, but the numbers don’t lie. Bernie Sanders has had trouble winning states with sizable minority communities, and that’s really the only thing that counts.

Register to vote today by downloading the Latinos Vote app for iOS and Android. Our voice matters. #WeAreAmerica

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