We Talked To The Genius Behind This Iconic Halloween Costume

@Wifiwifey91 / Twitter

Sydney Presley, a.k.a. @Wifiwifey91 on Twitter, is giving the Internet some serious costume envy. Not only do her costumes make Latinos say “Why didn’t I think of that?”, they are also beautifully crafted. Warning: you’re going to be very envious after seeing her costume genius.

You’ve probably seen this incredible costume all over the Internet recently.

@Wifiwifey91 / Twitter
CREDIT: @Wifiwifey91 / Twitter

Sydney Presley was launched into Internet fame recently after a photo of her duros costume went viral. mitú caught up with Presley and talked to her about her impressive Halloween costume-making skills. First, you should know that the duros costume is her favorite creation yet.

“It was the sweatiest costume, but it was surprisingly easy to make and it made my friends laugh the hardest,” Presley said.

Sydney Presley has been rocking homemade costumes since she was a little girl.

@Wifiwifey91 / Twitter
CREDIT: @Wifiwifey91 / Twitter

“My mom has made my costumes since I was born. However, I began having more of a hand in the creation process in high school, when she made all of my dresses for school dances,” Presley told mitú. “Once I went to college, I started taking on the projects myself. Maybe it was me just being an obnoxious dresser, but I always loved homemade things rather than store-bought.”

And when she got to college she decided to try to make her own costumes to take back her heritage on Halloween.

@Wifiwifey91 / Twitter
CREDIT: @Wifiwifey91 / Twitter

“Halloween can be a really culturally insensitive time, with costumes that mock or appropriate people of color and the things that hold deep meaning to them,” Presley told mitú. “By dressing up like snacks and games that come from my culture, I felt like I was taking my culture back in a small way without trivializing cultural or religious celebrations. I’m celebrating who I am and where my family is from in the fun way that I connect to my culture, which is through my art and the food and games I grew up on.”

She is even branching out and making her furbaby his very own matching costume.

@Wifiwifey91 / Twitter
CREDIT: @Wifiwifey91 / Twitter

O…M…Geee! How can you not fall in love with that little fun-size pack of Takis?

“Many of my costumes come from fond memories I have with her [abuela],” Presley told mitú. “My biggest wish is that she could see the reception I’ve gotten from my costumes. She’d probably do a silent sign of the cross as my abuelo always did when he didn’t understand my humor, but deep down she’d probably think it was cool.”

“I adopted Moz from the humane society last year, so the Takis costume was his first,” Presley told mitú. “He’s never actually eaten one so he’s a total Takis poseur.”

Obedience class has a costume contest tomorrow= my first venture into dog fashion

A photo posted by Syd Presley (@emo_extremo) on

Poseur or not, Moz — named after British rocker Morrissey — looks adorable af in his little costume.

Don’t be fooled. The Mexican-American Halloween costume icon has also created other looks that are just as incredible and instantly recognizable.

JFK and Jackie O on November 22

A photo posted by Syd Presley (@emo_extremo) on


She has even shown off her geeky side as a Sims character.

I fully intend on shaking my fists in the air and pissing on the floor at school all day. #laziestcostumeever

A photo posted by Syd Presley (@emo_extremo) on

G E N I U S !!

She has even dressed up as one of the moodiest cartoon characters of the ’90s.

Last minute costume #2: Daria

A photo posted by Syd Presley (@emo_extremo) on

Brillz! *looks up sewing tutorials on YouTube*

Sadly, we will have to wait until Halloween to see Presley’s newest creations, but we did get a clue.

Warner Archive / GIPHY
CREDIT: Warner Archive / GIPHY

“I never give away my costumes before Halloween,” Presley told mitú. “I’m going to be two things this year and they’re both edible. Despite the wide coverage of my costumes, I’m still working with the same budget so they’ll still be affordable and a little rough around the edges.”

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This Dad And Mom Went Viral After They Let Their Son Dress Like A Female Character And Latinos Are Freaking Out


This Dad And Mom Went Viral After They Let Their Son Dress Like A Female Character And Latinos Are Freaking Out

abs ‏@_abbybeltran

Welcome to a new age, machismo! And guess what? Our woke dads and moms are not inviting you to the banquet.

Just a few years ago, our brothers, primos, and tíos might have been chided for even floating the idea of wearing something like a dress or playing with a doll. Today parents are allowing their kids to express themselves in whatever blatant or innocent ways they choose.

Twitter user @_abbybeltran and her husband are allowing their son Jayce to buck all things machismo and recently shared an example of their decision to let him do so with friends.

In a post to her Twitter account, the user shared a video of her son from months ago dressed as one of his favorite TV characters: Tina Belcher.

The “Bob’s Burgers” character has become a favorite amongst TV watchers and her son Jayce. In the video, the user’s son can be seen wearing, a wig, bow, and a skirt to model his favorite character. When asked to look at the camera he seems to proudly strike classic Tina poses.

In a follow-up comment about the costume, the user wrote “I’m just a proud mom who decided to repost my son’s Halloween costume. His dad & I appreciate all the love we’ve been receiving. We are proud to be this thanos, Mario, bobs burgers & paw patrol loving boys parents. Love & kindness always outweighs the negative.”

Users on Twitter were quick to praise Jayce and his parents for the costume.

Basically everyone loved this little guy for picking this epic costume!

And other guys started sharing pics of themselves dressed as the character.

The Tina Belcher obsession never ends!

Literally, there’s a men as Tina movement!

And I am here for the cuteness.

Honestly I wouldn’t hate it if this was the summer outfit of 2019.

But for real. Could this look abolish machismo? I think yes.

Latino Vendors Are Not Happy About Disney World Selling Concha Ears


Latino Vendors Are Not Happy About Disney World Selling Concha Ears

A day after the U.S. celebrated Cinco de Mayo, Disney World rolled out a new Mexican-inspired product: Concha Minnie Ears.

The vanilla-colored, sequence-covered concha ears made their debut on Disney blog WDW News Today. 

@wdwnt / Instagram

As seen on the blog’s Instagram account, the vanilla conchas are backed with the same gold, shimmery fabric that lines the headband.

A super cute multi-colored, sequined bow adorns the top of the diadema.


It’s the perfect combo to go with the Mexican sweet bread ears. 

Needless to say, concha-inspired Minnie Ears is something that has long been on the wishlist of many Latino Disney fanatics and some fans are EC-STAT-IC!

@WDWNT / Twitter

Even if it means taking a second trip to Disney World, people are determined to get their hands on this pan caliente.

People are tagging their Disney buddies and coordinating their next trip to make sure they don’t miss out on the limited edition ears.

Because who doesn’t need these?!

However, most fans are pleading Disney goers to refrain from purchasing concha ears from Disney.

@WDWNT / Twitter

Latino Twitter is calling out that Disney stole the idea from independent vendors who have been selling concha ears for years.

In fact, Instagram user @lizzyzbowtique has had customizable concha ears with a similar bow in the middle since 2016.

@lizzybowtique / Instagram

No one is saying she invented this, but Disney, it’s been done.

Latino Instagram is also going HAM tagging their favorite concha Etsy vendors.

Kimmy’s Bowtique, known for creating a large variation of concha ears, is among those mentioned. Other Instagram users mention Zumi’s Instasale and May Day Couture, using the hashtag #supportlocalbusiness.

Even small business owners are jumping in to defend their work.

And their fans are jumping in to show they have their back.

Some want the Latino hustle to be a little more appreciated.

User @088omet is trying to issue a wakeup call!

If you’re in the market for some Latino-created concha Minnie Ears, you can get yours from Crystallicious’ Etsy Shop.

Crystallicious / Etsy

Or you can cop rose gold concha ears from LittleBigKk’s store.

Little Big Kk / Etsy

Because rose gold is all the rage these days.

Concha Crew has your back if you prefer something a little more goth.

ConchaCrew / Etsy

Tip: This vendor has an array of color combos to choose from.

If you want to go the super Mexi route, Jamie’s Magical Ears has Lotería Concha Ears.

Jamie’s Magical Ears / Etsy

It doesn’t get more Mexican than that.

And if you’re looking for ears that are Lotería covered, you can check back in with Crystallicous.

Crystallicious Shop / Etsy

And the sparkly red bow goes perfect with the multi-colored print!

And if a concha ear hat is more your thing, Gluestick Diva might be your go-to.

Gluestick Diva / Etsy

Oh and this comes in vanilla as well.

What are your thoughts on the Disney World concha ears? Let us know in the comments below, or share this article to let your friends where they can purchase small business concha ears!

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