Mom And Dad Were Lowkey Personal Trainers And We Didn’t Appreciate Them

Now that the holidays are behind us, you probably have getting in better shape on your resolutions list. Well, here are a few ways to help you meet that resolution this year without having to fork out money for the gym.

It all starts with a good stretch.

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Some people might confuse this maneuver with simple dusting but you’re really stretching every muscle from head to toe in one action. #efficient

Washing dishes is a great way to tone your arms.

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Plus you get that sense of accomplishment of getting your sh*t done. Some call that endorphins.

Keep your heart rate up by transitioning into a high intensity mopping session.

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Keep from getting grounded (because mami will ground you as an adult) and make those floors shine.

Who knew that all of those times that your parents said “ponte las pilas” was a low-key shoulder lift?

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It’s a little thing called getting stacked.

Grab a piñata and give your upper body the resistance work its been missing.

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And the nice little twist definitely gives your abs a little work too.

All those sprints away from papi and his belt are all the training you need for some amazing cardio.

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It only worked with dad though. Mom always threw her chancla with such accuracy that there was no avoiding the chanclazo.

Grocery lifts? More like power lifts.

BreakingBeard / Imgur

Blasting the abs, legs, shoulders and biceps all in one graceful (?) motion. *Hint: He is what happens when you don’t stretch properly.*

You were always blasting your quads by running up the stairs to turn off mom’s lamp. Keep it up!

maz-o / Reddit

Before you were bitter, but today you are happy you can outrun all your primos, in case of emergency.

And you can put all these skills to use when you sneak into the house after a night out.

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air / NBC / robotiso / Tumblr


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