This Is What It’s Like When Your Prima Is Also Your BFF

We all have that one prima. #Blessed

When you were younger, you’d pair up to convince your parents you should sleep over her house.

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And you’re still laughing about what happened at that sleep over seven years ago.

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You’re always part of the inside jokes.

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And everyone gets annoyed because they don’t get it.

All it takes is a look and you know what you’re talking about.

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It’s in your blood.

You always have someone to back you up.

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Because blood is thicker than water. She’s been part of your squad since work.

You get to vent about the other prima you both hate.

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Esa creida who thinks she’s the sh*t. But she’s not.

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You feel less guilty about making fun of your primo’s new GF because she’s supporting you.

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And she knows she has to win both of you over.

She’s the only one you look forward to seeing at your family parties.

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And you love sitting next to each other cuando empieza el baile…

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Because you love laughing at your drunk tíos together.

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And when she’s not there, this is your mood…

Credit: Glee / Fox

It’s like your better half is missing.

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