This Is What It’s Like When Your Prima Is Also Your BFF

We all have that one prima. #Blessed

When you were younger, you’d pair up to convince your parents you should sleep over her house.

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And you’re still laughing about what happened at that sleep over seven years ago.

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You’re always part of the inside jokes.

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And everyone gets annoyed because they don’t get it.

All it takes is a look and you know what you’re talking about.

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It’s in your blood.

You always have someone to back you up.

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Because blood is thicker than water. She’s been part of your squad since work.

You get to vent about the other prima you both hate.

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Esa creida who thinks she’s the sh*t. But she’s not.

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You feel less guilty about making fun of your primo’s new GF because she’s supporting you.

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And she knows she has to win both of you over.

She’s the only one you look forward to seeing at your family parties.

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And you love sitting next to each other cuando empieza el baile…

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Because you love laughing at your drunk tíos together.

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And when she’s not there, this is your mood…

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It’s like your better half is missing.

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Primas Are Sharing What Makes Their Bonds Just As Special As A Sisterhood


Primas Are Sharing What Makes Their Bonds Just As Special As A Sisterhood

Family is very important to the Latinidad. It isn’t just our immediate blood connections that hold powerful meaning to us, it’s also our family that has become close to us through shared experiences. Besides friends and found family, our primas can definitely be put into this group. Whether they’re related by blood or just by proximity, our primas mean so much to us. Our co-conspiritors, our best friends and the women who will always have our backs, the bond we have with our primas makes us stronger. It’s worth celebrating that.

We asked our FIERCE readers to tell us what their primas mean to them and what we got was a comments section full of a whole lot of love and heart emojis. Combined with some of our favorite internet posts, these comments remind us just how precious that bond with our primas our. This is sure to make you want to send a text to the family group chat to tell your primas how much you love them.

1. Primas equal sisterhood

Instagram / @coisasdemaaria

“In Mexico we call primas Primas-Hermanas (sister-cousin) to the ones who’s parents are siblings with our parents . In a sense an extension of sisterhood. We grew up closer than most.” — @killacarm

2. That one person who will always have your back.

Instagram / @luz_altamirano_18

“My primas were my sisters growing up and still are. We may not see each other every day or see eye to eye on everything but we have each others’ backs. ❤️”  — @its__peaches 

3. The one you can always vent to.

Instagram / @carlamariacarreiro

“Our at home therapy session. I miss those.” — @lizvaldillez

4. Primas eventually become tias.

Instagram / @priscila_henriique

“I’m an only child…not by choice. My parents were hit by a drunk driver while my mom was pregnant with my brother. My parents were saved but had complications. Like you, I am so blessed to have many cousins and Tias who added me to the pack of kids. Now as a mom myself ( 2 children) we still reach out to one another. My primas have kids in college and they are at out place all the time.Im officially mom when mom is miles away. I know they would they too would be there for my kids! The love and support continue. ❤️❤️” — @ryonmichelle

5. Your prosperity is their prosperity.

Twitter / @mayasouhaid

“My prima always helped me get jobs when I needed money to get stuff for my daughter. ❤️❤️❤️ ” — @nerdalous.13

6. They’re there for the good times and the bad.

Instagram / @babyqueilane

“Some of my cousins have been my best friends for sure! They were ride or die!” — @pryz

7. Your personal secret keeper.

Instagram / @stedejesus

“Over the years it was like having that one sis you can confide in.” — @la.dayysii

8. The ultimate Squad Goals.

Twitter / @Jufroees

Before Squad goals was a thing, our first clique was our primas. They’re always be live-long members of the crew.

9. Our permanent dance partner.

Instagram / @latinaapproved

It’s not a party without our primas. Whether it’s a quince or just a family BBQ, the party doesn’t start until we are reunited with these girls.

10. The only one who can joke with us like this.

Instagram / @wearemitu

Coming from anyone else, these would be fighting words but our primas know us that way so it’s all good.

Ultimately, our primas are everything to us.

Instagram / @biancafoliveiral

“My prima is my fuckin’ everything. Mi hermana, my best friend, my advisor, my shoulder to cry on…TODO.” — @oriettareadmai


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There’s No Greater Connection Than The One You Feel When You Look At Your Prima Before Cracking Up About An Inside Joke


There’s No Greater Connection Than The One You Feel When You Look At Your Prima Before Cracking Up About An Inside Joke

The best part about seeing your prima at family parties is that you get to catch up on chisme and laugh about your inside jokes. Here’s how it usually goes when you two reunite…

As soon as one of you makes the smallest reference to your inside joke, you both start cracking up right away.?


Sometimes you don’t even have to say a word.

Even though you try super hard to hold in your laugh…


Because maybe it’s not the appropriate time and place to start joking around.

It’s impossible. ? You can’t help it.


Sorry, not sorry. ?

You both start laughing so hard that you even start crying.


Sometimes your stomach also starts to hurt from laughing so hard.

And if someone else tries to join in on the joke, you just look at them like…


All of a sudden it’s not funny anymore.

Like ummm, I’m sorry but when did you become part of this joke?…


They must not know that it’s an A and B conversation.

And no matter how old the joke gets, it always makes you die of laughter.?


Because inside jokes are the best kind of jokes.

It’s just one of those inside jokes between you and your prima that will never get old no matter what.


And this is why your prima is your favorite person to hang out with at every family function. ?

So, what joke do you laugh about with your prima???

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