This Is What Growing Up Vegetarian In A Latino Household Looks Like


It took a while for most of my family and some of my friends to embrace, or even understand, the concept of vegetarianism. Before that, I was officially the martian at any gathering that involved food. It wasn’t fun or easy for them and most certainly not for me:

1. Inviting me would automatically make the host nervous.


“Ay Dios, I love you, pero I don’t know how to cook vegetarian!” (Hummus is your friend, party planners!)

2. People would ask me how I even managed to stay alive.


“How do you live on tomatoes and lechuga?!” (Yeah, because there are no other veggie options).

3. They were concerned about my drinking habits.


“Can you take a shot?” (Last I checked, tequila is plant-based).

4. I was a walking wonder.


“No one can survive without meat!” I am secretly Wonder Woman.

5. Abuelita thought I was borderline anorexic.


“¡Estás tan flaca mija! OK, but I’ve put on 10 pounds since you saw me last.

6. Mami would blame any minor health issue on my dietary choices.


“That’s what you get por no comer bien.”

7. Often enough, they didn’t even know what being vegetarian really was.


“What does a cheese-less pizza taste like?” (You should Google “vegan.”)

8. I was often starving.


“Mira mija, eat some crackers,” they’d tell me, while the rest of the family pigged out on asado.

9. Mom just didn’t know what the f**k to cook for me.


“I made you a salad.” Again. And again. And again.

10. Their arguments to try to get me to stop being vegetarian were absurd.


“You’re killing plants, which is pretty much like killing an animal.”

Are you vegan or vegetarian? How’d your family react?

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