This Is What Growing Up Vegetarian In A Latino Household Looks Like

It took a while for most of my family and some of my friends to embrace, or even understand, the concept of vegetarianism. Before that, I was officially the martian at any gathering that involved food. It wasn’t fun or easy for them and most certainly not for me:

1. Inviting me would automatically make the host nervous.

2. People would ask me how I even managed to stay alive.

3. They were concerned about my drinking habits.

4. I was a walking wonder.

5. Abuelita thought I was borderline anorexic.

6. Mami would blame any minor health issue on my dietary choices.

7. Often enough, they didn’t even know what being vegetarian really was.

8. I was often starving.

9. Mom just didn’t know what the f**k to cook for me.

10. Their arguments to try to get me to stop being vegetarian were absurd.