This Mexican Dad Turned Into a Big Softie After His Daughters Surprised Him With Sold Out Soccer Tickets

Two daughters wanted to surprise their dad with tickets to the Mexico-U.S. soccer game. They expected a reaction from him, but nothing like this…

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He’s like a kid on Christmas Day ?.

But why does he look so angry at first?

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OK so their plan was kinda evil, but so sweet at the same time.

Tearing up? You’re not the only one. His reaction moved even the emotionless.

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Because you know it’s not every day you get a to see Latino dad to show emotion.

And made everyone’s heart palpitate twice as fast.

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Adding to all his feels, their dad was probably wondering HOW his daughters got their hands on these insanely expensive tickets.

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Original ticket prices ranged from $49–$300. Their resale value now is going from $150–$1,500. Because of the high demand for this rivalry match, there was even a lottery to help people purchase tickets… although most people walked away empty handed.

Even more touching than the dad’s reaction is Mimi’s reason for surprising her pops ?.

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Girls, you the real MVP ?.

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She Made History as ESPN’s First Baseball Analyst and Some Dudes Can’t Deal With It


She Made History as ESPN’s First Baseball Analyst and Some Dudes Can’t Deal With It

If you watch baseball on ESPN, you’ve probably seen (and heard) Jessica Mendoza.

Earlier this year, she made history as the first in-game female analyst on ESPN.

She did such a kick-ass job that ESPN asked her back.

Mendoza made history again this week when she became the first female analyst to work an MLB playoff game.

Credit: @jessmendoza2 / Instagram

And like clockwork, the sexist comments started surfacing on Twitter.

Credit: @Mclem25 / Twitter

Several people fired back at the haters, like Chicago Cubs play-by-play announcer Len Kasper:


And Rachael, who had a solid point:

This guy poked holes at a criticism that was repeated over and over: Mendoza never played pro baseball.

Credit: @TeamATL10 / Twitter

Sure, Mendoza never played in the MLB, but she’s a USA softball LEGEND.

Credit: Al Bello / Getty

You see those two shiny things hanging on her neck?

Credit: Michael Buckner / Getty

One’s a gold medal from the 2004 Olympic Games. The other is a silver medal from the 2008 Olympics.

Of course, there are people out there who will say she’s “just a softball player.”

Credit: @BoiledSports / Twitter 
Credit: Matthew Stockman / Getty

“My dad was a baseball coach, and then I switched to softball. Baseball was all I knew until I crossed over. It never seemed like a big deal,” said Mendoza to the New York Times.

And the Mexican-American announcer is fully aware of the impact she’s making, not just for women, but for Latinas.


During her days as a softball star, Mendoza told ESPN: “I find that there are still a lot of traditional cultural roles for females — a lot of pressure for young girls to be around the family, help with siblings, help with meals, be kind of the rock of the household rather than doing extracurricular activities like sports. But it’s definitely changing, and I’m an example of that.”

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