This Latina Is Not Apologizing After All The Hate She Got For Speaking Spanish On TV

Cover your ears! This news anchor used two outrageous words on air…

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No, she didn’t say “f*ck you” or call someone out of their name. She said, “buenos días.”


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Exactly. The friendliest of greetings rocked the boat when Houston news anchor Mayra Moreno of KTRK said “buenos días” to open the show.

Mayra said that her station got multiple complaints that her use of Spanish on the newscast was “Un-American“.

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The fact that it happened on Memorial Day weekend further outraged some viewers, who thought it was somehow a dig at war heroes. Um, has Trump empowered racist voices or was it always this bad?

But being the strong and proud Latina that she is, Mayra didn’t let these haters silence her.

Credit: @ABC13Mayra / Twitter

She also let Facebook haters know what’s up.

“Some decided it was uncalled for and un-American especially on #MemorialWeekend when we are supposed to honor those who died serving our country. Didn’t realize that this day and age a simple 2 word phrase would upset some people. #WeAreAllAmerican #LetsStopTheHate #HispanicsAlsoDiedForAmerica”

Maybe someone needs to tell those disgruntled fans that Texas is 32 percent Latino, so they might want to get used to that phrase.

But if it’s offensive Spanish phrases they’re looking for, we have a truckload worse than “good morning.”

Read more about Mayra’s story here.

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