You Never Say These Things to a Latina You’re Dating

All we need is love…and a minimum amount of common sense. Guys, if you happen to find the chica of your dreams, don’t screw it up by saying one of these things.

You remind me of my mom.

You should get my mom’s recipe for “ajiaco.”

Your place or mine?

Was that good?

Are you gaining weight?


Prepare emergency exit. Pronto.

I don’t like your bff.


She was going to be your comadre and was here long before you, so… Next!

You’re still hungry?

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Are you still here?

But my ex loved…

Don’t take this the wrong way but…


Are you legal?

Can you lower your voice?

Call her “caliente mami,” go ahead, just try.

You know..I’ve dated a Latina before.

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