You Never Say These Things to a Latina You’re Dating

All we need is love…and a minimum amount of common sense. Guys, if you happen to find the chica of your dreams, don’t screw it up by saying one of these things.

You remind me of my mom.


That’s just gross and insulting at the same time.

You should get my mom’s recipe for “ajiaco.”


And you should get over your mami issues.

Your place or mine?


There are way more subtle ways to ask for pity sex. You still won’t get it.

Was that good?


If you had to ask, you have your answer.

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Are you gaining weight?


Prepare emergency exit. Pronto.

I don’t like your bff.


She was going to be your comadre and was here long before you, so… Next!

You’re still hungry?

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Are you still here?

But my ex loved…


There is no right way of ending that sentence. Ever.

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Don’t take this the wrong way but…


“How the hell else am I suppose to take it then?”



Say it one more time and watch her unleash the beast.

Are you legal?


No one is interested in your green card dude (or you for that matters.)

Can you lower your voice?


Oh, you really don’t want her to raise her voice, trust me on this one.

Call her “caliente mami,” go ahead, just try.


Nothing chills a date faster than a stereotypical “compliment”.

You know..I’ve dated a Latina before.


And you want an award for that? Latinas are not all the same.

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Here are Some of the Things Mexicans Hate the Most


Here are Some of the Things Mexicans Hate the Most

SUPEReeeGO / YouTube

If you grew up with Mexican parents, you know there’s plenty of stuff that gets on their nerves. They can be sooooo stubborn sometimes that they won’t give on certain things even though they should. YouTuber SUPEReeeGO captured all their manias in his video Things Mexican Don’t Like.

You know, stuff like this: They don’t like being scared.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 1.08.23 PM
Credit: SUPEReeeGO / YouTube

Especially with insensitive pranks.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 1.08.55 PM
Credit: SUPEReeeGO / YouTube

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If you do, the consequences can be…severe.

Credit: SUPEReeeGO / YouTube

Well, maybe now he’ll learn.

Credit: Dreamworks / greatestgifsofalltime / Tumblr

Chill, Ron. Latinos handle things differently.

Watch the full video of “Things Mexicans Don’t Like”:

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