9 Things You Only Do with Your Hermana


If you have a sister, treasure her because she’s like your built-in-best-friend-for-life and there are some pretty awesome things you only ever do with her, like…

You get all PDA.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner

Con el novio you keep it cool in public, but with your sissy you’re all goofy cariñosa and shit.

No matter what, you have each other’s back.


You’ll dump boyfriends or outgrow friendships, but you will NEVER stop being there for your hermana.

Te pasas.


Ish! What you would never do to other people, you totally do to your sister.

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Never give up.

build a snowman gif

If she’s in a bad place, you will knock down doors to get her out.

You will cover for her.

Pretty Little Liars gif

Ahhh, you will act all pendeja with your parents like you have no idea what travesuras your sister is up to and you expect her to do the same.

Laugh at other family members together.

Frozen gif

You don’t even have to say anything to each other when that one tía criticona starts going off on someone.

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Be competitive AND totally supportive.

Serena and Venus Williams

You want to win at life, but you’re SOOO okay with your sister winning too.

Always take her side.

Olsen twins

If sides have to be chosen, you’ll choose hers even if you know she’s a total chip thief because she steals your Sabritones on the regular.

You behave like what’s hers is yours.

Sisters gif

Every time she gets something you like, you are stoked because you know you are going to use it whether she likes it or not.

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A Border Vigilante Hunts Down Immigrants in the Intense Trailer for ‘Desierto’

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