Things You Find in Every Mexican Kitchen

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Your mom’s comal is always ready for standby.

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Your Mexican kitchen isn’t complete without it.

Mom meant serious business when it came to her kitchen curtains.


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She’d wash and swap them out every couple of weeks.

Decor was basically a complete lie… Everything was fake.

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Fake fruit, fake flowers. They collected dust and smelled so weird.

Your fridge was covered in these…

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Why so much fake fruit?

Mom held on to expired food.

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Because “todavía está buena.”

Of course, you couldn’t open the fridge without seeing this…

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All kinds of recycled containers. We call it Mexican Tupperware.

It’s not a Mexican kitchen without a Mexican calendar.

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To remind your mom of all your cousin’s birthdays.

Salt shakers held more than salt.

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Like random grains of rice.

Yeah, we have Tapatío and Valentina, but raw chiles were always available.

This is getting real. Round one #chilemexicano #porqueno #imamexican

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Because you never know when you’ll need more chile.

Let’s be real, mom used it to fake homemade salsa.

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She never really used the molcajete.

There was always imported cheese.

Gracias a mi mamá. Por traerme mi queso favorito #quesoMexicano #cheese #breakfast #HappyMonday

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Your tíos smuggled it every time they crossed the border.

For some reason, the stove was covered in foil.

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It’s the equivalent of plastic wrapped sofas.

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