Only Latinas Understand This Tight Bond With Their Younger Primas


Growing up with a huge Latino family means you get one of life’s greatest gifts: primas. If you were one of the older ones, you always watched out for your primitas. These are just a few of the things you got into with them…

1. Snuck them out of the house.

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No matter how worried you were about getting caught, you couldn’t leave without her. She’s the best wing woman after all, right?

2. Gave each other makeovers.

…Or maybe they begged to try out some new makeup techniques that didn’t always have the best results.

3. Let them borrow your ID.


That one night at the club wouldn’t have been the same without her.

4. Then covered up for them.

Especially when they wanted to hang out with their boyfriend.

5. Taught her a thing or two about life.

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I mean, if anyone is going to teach her about things, it should be you, right? ?

6. Helped her get rid of all that fuzz.

Mom and your tías didn’t let you shave your legs or work out your hairy situation when you were deemed “too young,” but older primas always came through with that undercover hair removal.

7. Made sure her quince was the party of the year.

You helped choreograph the dance, pick out the dresses, curl the hair, find the shoes… and find a chambelán replacement when she decided to dump her bf two weeks before the big day.

8. Organized sleepovers, which always turned into mini house parties.

And you got little to no sleep.

9. Let them be your personal hairstylist.


If you haven’t bleached each other’s hair, it isn’t real.

10. Provided 24/7 counseling sessions.

When you can’t tell mami about the idiota you’ve been seeing, primas are always there to the rescue. Bonus chisme round will usually follow.

11. Stood up for them when your tíos were going in.


This is the biggest obstacle of all, and if you have primas that do this, you’ve got some real homies.

12. Shared your wardrobe.

A relationship between primas is made infinitely better by hand-me-downs (and sometimes blatant closet raiding,) but you know where they live to get those stolen things back.

13. Probably fought once or twice, but always and forever had their back.


You are blood, after all. Nothing is stronger than that. <3

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How was it like growing up with your younger primas? Let us know!

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