Things We’re Deprived from When We Have Super Religious Parents

credit: Credit: prayeverywhere / Tumblr

We basically weren’t allowed to do anything.

They take celibacy to an extreme.

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Not only do they give us the ‘stay a virgin till you’re married talk,’ we’re not even allowed to watch telenovelas with them.

Even dancing was too much physical contact.

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When we were invited to quinceañeras, mom had to supervise us to make sure we weren’t perreando.

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You were only allowed to date future husbands.

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Otherwise we’d hear, “¿para qué andas con él si no se van a casar?”

Even this guy was considered a sin because only God knows what’s going to happen in the future.

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But God ain’t gonna tell me when I’m meeting the love of my life.

We were also the only kids who hadn’t watched Harry Potter. Yes, Harry Potter.

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Because the only magic that exists comes from God.

Forget about going on vacation with friends.

Credit: prayereverywhere / Tumblr

The only trip we ever took was a mission trip with the church.

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Sunday brunch was for sinners.

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We really only had a 6-day week because Sundays were reserved for Church.

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