Things that Really Deserve a Grito this Mexican Independence Day

Every year on Sept. 15 at 11 p.m., Mexico gets a head start on Mexican Independence Day celebrations with El Grito to honor the heroes of the Mexican War. But if we were in charge of El Grito, here’s what we would shout out…

¡Viva el limón y chile!


Credit: @adoff_lokzz / Instagram


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Credit: @mayramend0za / Instagram

Because you know you put that sh*t on eeeeverything and life would be so basic without it.

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¡Vivan los taqueros!

Credit: @cancaras / Instagram

You know, the real MVPs who hooks you up with the best tacos you’ve ever had.

¡Viva el guacamole!


Credit: @dish_ig / Instagram

Everyone’s obsessed with it now, but please, we invented it.

¡Viva el dulce mexicano!


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We like them all ?.

¡Vivan las micheladas!

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This is how we cleanse after a bad hangover.

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¡Viva el #juevebes!

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Because when you’re Mexican, weekends start on Thursdays.

¡Viva Frida Kahlo!

Credit: lookhuman / Tumblr

For giving us the ultimate eyebrow goals.

¡Vivan los galanes de telenovelas!

Credit: mi-tonteria-s / Tumblr / Televisa

Brad Pitt who?

¡Viva Soraya Montenegro!

Credit: kyniathewhovian / Tumblr / Televisa

For teaching us how to slay our enemies and still manage to look classy. ?

¡Viva Vicente Fernández!


Credit: @l.a._raised / Instagram

The only man who can bring out raw emotion in men.

¡Vivan los comentaristas de fútbol!


Credit: @purofutbolmex / Instagram

They’re so passionate they even make white people excited about soccer. Gooooooooolazo-azo-azo!

¡Vivan las hot weather girls!

Credit: @farabalenow / Instagram

Yanet García… Wait for it, wait for it.

¡Vivan los eloteros!


Credit: @rocknrollg310 / Instagram

Because not all heroes wear capes.

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