12 Horrible Things That Happen During Sex To Everyone

There’s no worse time for an awkward moment than when you’re in the sack. Here are some of the things that should never happen during sex…but do.

Terrifying sounds.

Credit: c0mewithus / Tumblr

Did someone just open a tupperware container full of guacamole?

Sexy faces.

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Please stop.

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Blurting out sh*t.

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“Sí, chiquito. Así.” When you didn’t mean it like that.

Gas leaks.

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And that’s how you try to play it off.

Or even worse than farts… Queefs. 

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Even saying the word sounds terrible.

Conspicuously fake orgasms.

Credit: vebab / Tumblr

How hasn’t he caught on?


Credit: deseptical / Tumblr

Way to ruin someone’s life.

Premature ejaculation.

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Okay, it’s kinda flattering, but ew.

Calling your ex’s name.

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Good luck backing out of that one!

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Getting the “I can’t get it up” talk.

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Maybe it’s because you said your ex’s name?

Taking forever to orgasm.

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I’ll just check how many likes my IG photo has while you finish up.

Laughing at the wrong moment.

Credit: becci-charida / Tumblr

When you discovered he was lying about size. What a joke.

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