Things Only Multicultural Latinos Will Understand

Growing up Latino in the U.S. can be a pretty amusing experience: navigating between Spanish and English (thankfully, we’ve also got Spanglish), teaching mami to dance hip-hop and your gringo friends how to move to bachata (or trying to, at least), and constantly comparing fast food con la comida de abuela. But what about those of us with parents from different Latin countries? Things can get a bit more interesante:

1. You know how to speak at least two types of Spanish.

2. You can’t decide which abuela’s cooking you like better.

3. You have a pretty diverse record collection at your house.

3. You live in three different time zones, at least.

4. “Traveler” is your middle name.

5. Your parents’ arguments can get pretty interesting.

6. You get to pick and choose!

7. You’ve basically made up your own language.

8. You have the best of three worlds.