The Most Ridiculous Things Our Parents Told Us NOT to Do Because “Eso No Hacen Las Niñas”

Between stereotypes and traditions, there were hundreds of things our parents told us not to do because they weren’t “ladylike”…

Las mujeres no hablan así.

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Literally couldn’t say one curse word. Couldn’t even say “que hueva” without mom saying, “¿qué niño va a querer una niña que habla así?” Ma, you’d be surprised.

Ni hablan de esas cosas.

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Neither did our parents. That’s why we never got the sex talk.

Deja los deportes para los viejos.

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Newsflash: Girls actually do enjoy watching sports for reasons other than eye candy.

Deja de gritar, pareces hombre.

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It’s called pasión.

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Siéntate bien.

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Not only did you have to sit with your back straight, but you also had to make sure your legs were crossed AND your dress was covering your knees. Qué hueva. 

Vístete bien.

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We always had to be in our Sunday’s best. Dress, headband, ruffled socks. Pants were not acceptable especially when going to a family party.

No te ensucies.

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God forbid we played like children and got dirty ?.

Deja que tu hermano maneje.

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They never let us touch the wheel because they were afraid something would happen to us. In reality, they were just reinforcing the stereotype that women aren’t good drivers.

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Él tiene que venir por ti.

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We got yelled at if we ladies ever met our boyfriends at his house or picked him up because they were expected to be perfect gentlemen… since we were perfect ladies.

Ven y ayúdame… en la cocina.

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Without fail mom would ask for help in the kitchen. That was her way of training us to be ladies.

Te vez bien fea con la botella en la boca.

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Would I look better with a shot glass?

Ponte aretes, pareces niño.

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Do I really??

Calladita te ves más bonita.

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Everything about this phrase is so wrong. Nothing good has ever come from women keeping their mouths shut.

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