Latina Moms Never Mean What They Say

Moms are hard to get…and even harder to understand. It took you 20-something years to decipher her subliminal messages, only to realize she changes them at any given time without previous notice. Fun, right? Not. To help you, we’ve created this “things mami says” translator.

Mom says: “I want you back by 10.”

Mom says: “Esto no es un hotel.”

Mom says: “I’ll think about it”.

Mom says: “What the hell were you thinking?”

Mom says: “I never got into trouble when I was in school.”

Mom says: “Would you like to come over for dinner Sunday night?”

Mom says: “McDonald’s is fattening.”

Mom says: “Because I say so.”

Mom says: “Are you on Facebook?”

Mom says: “¿Dónde está el suéter?”

Mom says: “Limpia tu cuarto por el amor de Dios.”

Mom says: “I love you.”

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