You Thought Piñata Candy Was Bad, Latino Halloween Candy Takes the Cake

Latinos have no shame when it comes to throwing candy in a Halloween bag. They give away anything…


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If they have an orange tree, that’s what they’re dropping in the bag.


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Last time I checked, only elephants and drunk tíos take them. But the worst is when you crack them open and there’s nothing inside.

Monedas – Sometimes Even Pesos


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WTF am I supposed to do with this?


Credit: mexgrocer.com

They’re always stale and least they could do is get us the brand named ones.



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Literally the worst candy to get in the bag. They always break.

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Canel’s Chicles


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No kid ever liked getting these. They’re all adult flavor.

Fresa Candies

Credit: thinknsmile.com

You never know where they bought them, but they’re always around your house and probably from four Halloweens ago.

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Tamales – Yes, Really


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Couldn’t you wait until Christmas?

Mexican Spicy Candy

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Your white neighbors are going to need some Pepto.

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And If There’s No Candy, There’s Always a Courtesy Note

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