Things Latinas Hear That Men Don’t

Chances are you’ve heard these from men…AND women.

¿Por qué tienes esa cara de enojada?

Credit: sodamn-pop / Tumblr

Es la única que tengo.


Credit: ANTM / CW / ihavefatparents / Tumblr

Why? I’m talking to you?

You’re so spicy.

Credit: Modern Family / ABC / lesrequinstigressontnosamis / Tumbr

This is something you say to a dish. Not a woman.

Las mujeres no hablan así.

Credit: donnydeee / Tumblr

We speak the same way you do, with our mouths.

What are you doing hanging out with all those guys, what are they going to think?

Credit: PLL / ABC Family / Yourreactiongifs / Tumblr

Sorry, I didn’t know that me having human interaction offended you in any way.

No hagas cosas buenas que parezcan malas.

Credit: Glee / Fox / naya-rivera / Tumblr

Because the way it looks to you is way more important than my intentions.

Ew you’re so hairy, depílate.

Credit: @ilusionoptica / Twitter

Fine, only if we can wax your personality too.

Damn, you can eat.

Credit: hernameisnyc / Tumblr

Yeah, it’s kind of necessary for my existence.

You act like you know sports.

Credit: iamchloejean / Tumblr

I’m not an actress. I’m a sports fan.

Pareces hombre.

Credit: The Fosters / Hellokittygleek / Tumblr

Does that mean you’re going to respect me more? Great.

You’re so pale. *Puts makeup on* Why do you wear so much makeup?

Credit: Rebelde / Televisa / Forcerrr / Tumblr

Can never win.

Así quién se va a querer casar contigo?

Credit: ohmyreactiongifs / Tumblr

One of the many guys texting me right now.

He won’t want to marry you because you’ve slept with ___ guys.

Credit: KUWTK / E! / the-reactiongifs / Tumblr

You mean to say I’ve had a lot of sex? Great insult.

You know how to cook, ahora sí te puedes casar.

Credit: gifsugar / Tumblr

Because cooking determines my qualification to marry.

Cuándo te vas a casar?

Credit: disquettesdemec / Tumblr

Oh god…

Cuándo te vas a casar?

Credit: lifetimetv / Tumblr

If I hear that one more time…

Cuándo te vas a casar?

Credit: confessionsdunjeuneparisien / Tumblr

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