10 Awkward Questions Black Latinos Are Asked Way Too Often

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It’s 2016, people! And yet there are still plenty of folks who openly express shock about black Latinos’ racial, ethnic and cultural identities. Let’s face it, people can make some ignorant comments, and many still don’t seem to understand that being Latino has nothing to do with skin color. To that end, here are some things black Latinos are sick and tired of hearing:

Can I touch your hair?

For starters, keep your hands off of my head and seriously learn some basic history facts.

But you don’t look it… Are you sure you’re Latino?

Nope, I’m having a temporary identity crisis. Come on, guys. What, exactly, is a Latina supposed to look like?

But you were born here, right? Then you must be African-American.


And you must be missing couple of chapters in your history books.

No quiero parecer chismoso but who is black, your dad or your mom?


Do you want a paternity test or would my word be enough? Come on, guys, it’s not hard: Being a black Latino doesn’t necessarily mean you have one white/tan Latino parent and one black parent.

Have you ever straightened your hair? You’d look so pretty.

I love my pajón, period. Go ahead, Google the term, I’ll wait.

You’re really mixed, right? Exactly how black are you?



Get over it! While you’re at it, research the difference between culture and race.

Tienes que ser dominicana o boricua, for sure.

Black Latinos can be from ANYWHERE! Panama, Cuba, Mexico, Brazil and on and on and on.

You can’t be both Latino and black.

I thought people couldn’t be noisy and ignorant at the same time, yet here we both are.

Do you speak Spanish? ¿Hablas español?


Not all Latinos speak Spanish, and not everyone who speaks Spanish is Latino. You should work on that accent, though.

You must love salsa music. You know, ¡Azucar!


Go take a walk to stereotype land and stop putting Afro-Latinos in a box. (BTW- who doesn’t love Celia Cruz?)

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Theory time: Why do you suppose it’s been so hard for people both within and outside the Latino community to understand the difference between race and ethnicity? 

Reasons Why #GrowingUpColombian Is F-cking Awesome


Reasons Why #GrowingUpColombian Is F-cking Awesome

@gabbycaballero / Twitter

Honestly, growing up Latino in any way is the best. For real. The music, food, family and knowing another language — what’s not to love about being Latino? But, of course, there are just some things that only people of a certain nationality understand and relate to. Take Colombians, for example. They enjoy all the above-mentioned awesomeness of being Latino, but there are just some things only fellow Colombians will understand:

If you’re Colombian, you definitely know about this Colombian reality show.

It’s like “Survivor” but Colombian, so… better.

And nothing is as satisfying as some Frisby‘s chicken, amirite?


You just can’t say no to some mouthwatering salchipapas, or basically anything covered in papitas.

Not to mention all the other non-basic Colombian snacks.

You are taught from a young age that manners are never too formal.

You literally can’t even understand the Goya obsession.

Bon Bon Bums are the three most beautiful words ever strung together.

Seriously. There are just about the best damn candy on the planet. #SorryNotSorry

Sadly, ignorant people always assume you are in some way connected to a drug cartel.

But, like, do you really think a Colombian would tell you if they were?

And you have to always explain that the Colombian accent in the movies is from a very specific region in Colombia.

It’s like people being surprised you don’t sound like Tim McGraw even though you grew up in Boston.

Arepas and caldo don’t know a season, and it’s for good reason.


This song.

Joe Arroyo knows how to get a party started!

This phrase that literally sums up your life.

And, lastly, having to explain to other Latinos just what makes your food different (and better) than theirs.

But, in the end, we are all Latino with some of the richest culture in the world. ¡Viva Latinos!

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