It’s Not a Latino Wedding if these 16 Things Don’t Happen

You know that phrase, “Ain’t no party like a ….”? Well, ain’t no party like a Latino wedding party, ‘cause a Latino wedding parties don’t stop. You know it’s true. Latino weddings are a celebratory genre all their own and here are a few sure tell signs you’re at a Latino wedding.

It begins with a never-ending ceremony…


And a massive bridal party.


It’s not a rodeo, but there is a lazo.


There are also gold coin$, aka, las arras.

Credit: @bluepoemfilms

The groom gives his bride 13 gold coins – 13 to symbolize Christ and the 12 apostles. Isn’t this the best way to promise to be there for richer or poorer?

The newlyweds’ first dance is OOC.


And then there’s the popular baile del dolar.


Only to be topped by la vibora del mar.

And you can’t forget this dance:

Forget Coachella, Latino weddings are better than freakin’ music festivals.

Just like music fests, there are A LOT of people.


And it’s a non-stop pachanga.

Speaking of food…


Non-Latino Guests are Instantly Obsessed.

Let’s not forget the nacos that take everything that isn’t nailed down.

Also, watch out for aggressive bouquet catchers.

And there’s always the comforting recalentado.

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