La Sirena Just Met Her Match With This Queer Chicanx’s El Sireno Lotería Card

Félix D’Eon, a Chicano artist who focuses on “queer art and romance,” has been creating some incredible LGBTQ Lotería cards. Some of his art work tends to venture into the erotic, but you’ll have to go to his NSFW, 18+ website for that. Here are some of the best LGBTQ Lotería cards D’Eon has created. Be warned: It’s going to leave you wanting more.

1. La Mariposa


That’s one way to start taking back very negative term and making it something beautiful and empowering.

2. El Mundo


Because sometimes being the one to come out feels like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

3. La Vestida


Male or female? Doesn’t matter as long as you can rock that dress, henney!

4. La Muerte


The kiss of death takes on a whole new meaning now.

5. La Luna



6. El Sireno


Looks like La Sirena might have a little bit of competition.

7. La Muxe


In case you haven’t heard, muxe is a third gender that has grown in prominence and visibility in Mexico. Muxe people are neither male or female. They exist on a different gender plane outside of the stuffy gender binary.

8. La Bandera


Every LGBTQ Mexicano can look at this card with pride. #OrgullosoLGBTQ

9. El Clóset


10. El Pájaro


Clearly someone waited too long for laundry day.

11. La Papaya


This one is feeling very Georgia O’Keeffe. ?

12. El Diablo


“Not today, Satan!”

13. La Chichifa


If you don’t know what a chichifa is then you are doing better than most.

14. La Rosa


*cue that one Poison song everyone know*

15. La Rana


Everybody deserves to find they prince or princess charming.

16. El Chile


No explanation necessary.

17. El Oso


Who doesn’t like a cuddly, furry teddy bear?

*Warning* D’Eon’s Instagram, website and Tumblr have photos that are inappropriate for people under the age of 18 and are most definitely NSFW.

You can check out the rest of D’Eon’s queer Mexican work here and here and here.


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