Your Throat Will Knot Watching These Latinos Tell You About The Day ICE Took Their Parents

Don’t Deport My ParentsMeet the kids torn by America’s broken immigration system.

Posted by AJ+ on Wednesday, June 1, 2016

“Me and my dad were able to see her, handcuffed and being put into this van.”

This month, the Supreme Court will make a final ruling on the Deferred Action for Parents of American and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA). It has the potential to impact the lives of millions. These American citizens or lawful permanent residents are literally watching Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers arrest and take their parents and family members. Now that the Obama administration has green-lit a new round of immigration raids, families like these live in more fear than ever. How would you react to seeing your father surrounded by 15 officers with guns shouting demands? Not only are many young adults and teenagers watching their parents be forcibly removed (some even held at gun point), but ICE gives no notification to the family about the status of their loved ones. While they think they might be at the detention center lining up legal council, they, in reality, could already be halfway to Nogales, Mexico.

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The Official Mitú Guide To Talking Trash About Players At Copa América


The Official Mitú Guide To Talking Trash About Players At Copa América

Are you ready for Copa América Centenario*? No? It’s OK, here’s a quick overview of which players you should follow throughout the tourney, along with the MOST IMPORTANT details you need to have a conversation with friends. You can thank us later.

If someone asks who you think will win it all, your best bet is Argentina. Their best player? Messi, of course.

card-messi (1)

This tourney is being held in the U.S., which is basically a second home for Mexico. Javier “Chicharito” Hernández will look to lead them to victory.


Although Neymar won’t be playing at this tournament, Brazil is always dangerous. Especially with a guy named Hulk on the squad.

card-hulk (1)

Colombia will be looking to improve on their impressive World Cup 2014 run, led by star James Rodríguez.


If you really want to sound like you know what you’re talking about, his name is pronounced “HAH-MEHZZ.”

With teams like Argentina and Brazil in the mix, Uruguay often gets overlooked. But they boast one of the best strikers in the world — Luis Suárez.

card-suarez (1)

And you can’t count out Chile, the winners of the previous Copa América. Their midfield general is Arturo Vidal.


And of course, the host country, USA can’t be counted out completely. Tim Howard was their standout player at the 2014 World Cup — this year, he may be watching from the bench, but his leadership may still be felt.

*Copa América Centernario is the 100th anniversary of the Copa América fútbol tourney, where teams in the South American soccer confederation (CONMEBOL) face off every four years to see who’s the best of the best. Teams like Mexico, which are not part of the South American confederation, are usually invited to participate as special guests. This year, several North American teams have been invited to participate, including Jamaica, Costa Rica and Panama. The tournament is usually only held in South America, but this year it’s being hosted by the United States because A. It’s a special occasion and B. $$$.

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