Hilarious PSA Asks Mexican Actress To Get Rid Of Her Abs

Staying fit is a freakin’ full-time job. It’s so exhausting. Literally every decision revolves around looking (relatively) good.

But dammit, it takes its toll. Sacrificing breakfast burritos for stale granola parfaits. Some force themselves to sweat every morning at CrossFit. Others even remove the grease from pizza with a napkin. WTF? It’s like taking a baby away from it’s mother!

And. It’s. All. Belinda’s. Fault.


Credit: @belindapop / Instagram

Yes, no one else’s fault but hers because every damn time she posts a picture everyone lusts over her perfect abs. And we want them, too!

But we also want tacos.

Credit: inevershouldhave / Tumblr

And papitas con chile. Nachos. Tortas. Flan.

Belinda, you’re damaging so many people.

Credit: forget-aabout-me / Tumblr

These girls beg you… get fat. Not just fat but f*cking fat – or just stop posting those pictures already.

Do humanity a favor.

No seas ego…ego…ego…ista.

Watch the full PSA below:

Credit: A Él No Le Gustas Tonta / YouTube


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