That Moment When You’re Miraculously Blessed By el Airecito de la Rosa de Guadalupe

Secretly we all wish we had real-life Rosa de Guadalupe moments to rescue us from the hardships of our everyday life. But these Dubmashes proves the Virgencita hooks it up with a milagro more often than you think like…

When you get that job offer.

Credit: @naty_black / Instagram

After slaving away as an intern for months.

Then when the clock finally strikes 5.

Credit: @diego23sm / Instagram

And you’re freeeeeee!

Or when your mom te da el permiso.


Credit: @designdaniel06 / Instagram

You’re good to rage all night long.

Then when you’re finally cured of that mean hangover the morning after.

Credit: @triples_a / Instagram

Gracias, virgencita.

When you realize you were just hangry.


Credit: @montcsaurio / Instagram

And you didn’t mean all those things you said.

That moment when he texts you first.


Credit: @marcela.chirivi / Instagram

You’ve been waiting for this for months.

And when your crush realizes he’s not really gay and he’s in love with you.


Credit: @rodolflevien / Instagram


When your pushup works wonders.


Credit: @nayely1108 / Instagram

You’ve been praying for the real thing for years, but this’ll do.

When you’re broke and you get your FAFSA check in the mail.


Credit: @drowning_surfer / Instagram

We all know the feeling.

When you figure out how to do the homework.


Credit: @zidnizar / Instagram

It’s better than that lightbulb moment.

When you find the last Mexican coke at home.


Credit: @viryboss / Instagram

Nothing else like it.

…Or when you break your Coca-Cola addiction.

Credit: @tripzzz / Instagram

You probably didn’t know you had it in you, but anything’s possible with la Virgen.

When the breeze hits you on a hot, humid a$$ day.


Credit: @michelballezaherrera / Instagram


When she agrees to Netflix and chill.

Credit: @chago1027 / Instagram

Another yasss moment.

When it happens just because…


Credit: @daniloparedesv / Instagram

I’d like to thank everyone who made this possible, especially those fanning me. This is for you?.

When you feel blessed, wayyyyy blessed just because.


Credit: @mariluz.x12 / Instagram


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