That Moment When You’re Miraculously Blessed By el Airecito de la Rosa de Guadalupe

Secretly we all wish we had real-life Rosa de Guadalupe moments to rescue us from the hardships of our everyday life. But these Dubmashes proves the Virgencita hooks it up with a milagro more often than you think like…

When you get that job offer.

Cuando después de tanta lucha recibes tu contrato! xD #dubsmash #rosadeguadalupetime #rosadeguadalupe

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After slaving away as an intern for months.

Then when the clock finally strikes 5.

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And you’re freeeeeee!

Or when your mom te da el permiso.

#celestial #rosadeguadalupe #cielo #paraiso

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You’re good to rage all night long.

Then when you’re finally cured of that mean hangover the morning after.


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Gracias, virgencita.

When you realize you were just hangry.

Hasta que se me salió el chamuco #rosadeguadalupe #dubsmash

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And you didn’t mean all those things you said.

That moment when he texts you first.


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You’ve been waiting for this for months.

And when your crush realizes he’s not really gay and he’s in love with you.

#rosadeguadalupe #Help #Love #Televisa #Tv #Mx #Mexico #Friends #ayuda #Estomatology #Estomatologia #Buap

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When your pushup works wonders.


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You’ve been praying for the real thing for years, but this’ll do.

When you’re broke and you get your FAFSA check in the mail.

When your broke and you get your fafsa! #rosadeguadalupe

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We all know the feeling.

When you figure out how to do the homework.

Como cuando sientes ese momento!!! #rosadeguadalupe #moment #impacto #ElMomento #jajaja ????

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It’s better than that lightbulb moment.

When you find the last Mexican coke at home.

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Nothing else like it.

…Or when you break your Coca-Cola addiction.

#rosadeguadalupe #viento #lamejoractriz #yadejalasdrogasvalentina

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You probably didn’t know you had it in you, but anything’s possible with la Virgen.

When the breeze hits you on a hot, humid a$$ day.

#rosadeguadalupe#nivelsueño hahahaha?

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When she agrees to Netflix and chill.

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Another yasss moment.

When it happens just because…

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I’d like to thank everyone who made this possible, especially those fanning me. This is for you?.

When you feel blessed, wayyyyy blessed just because.


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Photo Of Volcanic Ash In The Shape Of La Calavera Catrina Is Going Viral


Photo Of Volcanic Ash In The Shape Of La Calavera Catrina Is Going Viral

@essmealvarez / Twitter / Public Domain

Latinos are nothing if not superstitious. We see signs everywhere and quickly believe anything our abuelas tell us. The latest manifestation that is catching everyone’s attention is the image of La Calavera Catrina in volcanic ash. The volcano erupted in Mexico and the shape of the ash is honestly impressive.

The Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico put on a special show recently.

A resident living near the volcano captured a photo that showed the volcanic ash creating that face of La Calavera Catrina. La Calavera Catrina is one of the most famous symbols of the Day of the Dead celebrations. It is really easy to see the shape taking form in the volcanic ash that is rising over the city.

Naturally, the image is making its way around the world via social media.

Social media is good for sharing things like this far and wide. The internet loves a volcano eruption and Latinos love a superstitious or traditional sightings. This is obviously heightened in 2020 when travel is impossible and omens are literally everywhere.

People are using the natural phenomenon to educate people about La Catrina.

La Calavera Catrina was not always associated with Día de los Muertos. It was originally drawn by artist José Guadalupe Posada as satire to call out Mexicans striving to be European. The description for La Calavera Catrina included the word garbancera, which was a name given to Mexicans who rejected their indigenous backgrounds. The description further calls attention to the Mexican women who, like La Catrina, wore big hats and used so much makeup that their faces looked whiter and whiter.

Over the years, La Catrina became a symbol for Día de los Muertos.

Over many years, Posada’s image has become a major part of the Día de los Muertos celebrations throughout Mexico. La Catrina was always known after her creation, however, it was Diego Rivera who made her famous. The artist created a mural in the historic center of Mexico City across from Alameda.

Rivera added the body and dress to Posada’s original creation. La Catrina stands between Rivera and Posada in the mural that was painted between 1946 and 1947.

The history lesson is a welcomed accompaniment to the stunning natural phenomenon.

Who doesn’t like to see pieces of our history shared far and wide? The history of La Catrina is another moment to dispel the myths and misconceptions people have of Mexican and Latino culture.

READ: ‘La Calavera Catrina’ Is Getting Her Own Parade For ‘Día De Muertos’ In Mexico City This Year And We Have All The Deets

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Latinas Talk About Their Fave Dance Craze


Latinas Talk About Their Fave Dance Craze

Lawrence Manning

There’s no denying the fact that dance has a pretty firm place in the hearts of just about every Latin American culture. Across our countries and cultures, and thanks to native and Afro roots, Latin Americans know how to toe step and grind better than the rest of them. From salsa and bachata to danzón and merengue dance has permeated our lives making parties, ceremonies, and even sad occasions some of the most memorable and colorful.

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we turned to Latinas to ask about their favorite dances from their cultures and how it has made their life better.

We posed the question “Latin America consists of many different cultural dances. What can you say about the ones from your país? We will be featuring your answers on one of our editorial pieces.⁠”

Check out the answers below!

“CUMBIA! And Joe Arroyo so beautiful said, ‘del Indio tiene la fuerza, y el Negro la fortaleza, que le imprime el movimiento.’”- lauraarendonn

“Ritmos africanos combinados con tambores pre-colombinos y la flambuya y elegancia de los gitanos y corte española. Mi herencia cultural es un sabroso pozole.”- mercedesmelugutierrez

“Chamamé, vanera… – Southern Brazil. Super important to the gaucho culture that southern Brazil shares with argentina and uruguay.”- its.lilas.world

“El baile de los viejitos, Michoacán, México.”- angelyly_

“Punta!! Like ‘Sopa de Caracol.’”- laura_gamez27

“Samba — originated in Brazil from men and women ( mostly from West African region) that were enslaved by Portugal — and brought to Brazil.”- la_licorne_en_velours_

“BOMBA!!! A style of dance in Puerto Rico heavily influenced by our African roots.”-xosamanthaotero

“Festejo… “- jesthefania

“Danza.”- karifornialove

“Cueca from Chile.”- calisunchine

“Huapango Arribeño- San Luis Potosí, Mexico.”-hijxsdetonatiuh

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