That Moment When You’re Miraculously Blessed By el Airecito de la Rosa de Guadalupe

Credit: Luis Hernández

Secretly we all wish we had real-life Rosa de Guadalupe moments to rescue us from the hardships of our everyday life. But these Dubmashes proves the Virgencita hooks it up with a milagro more often than you think like…

When you get that job offer.

Cuando después de tanta lucha recibes tu contrato! xD #dubsmash #rosadeguadalupetime #rosadeguadalupe

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After slaving away as an intern for months.

Then when the clock finally strikes 5.

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And you’re freeeeeee!

Or when your mom te da el permiso.

#celestial #rosadeguadalupe #cielo #paraiso

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You’re good to rage all night long.

Then when you’re finally cured of that mean hangover the morning after.


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Gracias, virgencita.

When you realize you were just hangry.

Hasta que se me salió el chamuco #rosadeguadalupe #dubsmash

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And you didn’t mean all those things you said.

That moment when he texts you first.


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You’ve been waiting for this for months.

And when your crush realizes he’s not really gay and he’s in love with you.

#rosadeguadalupe #Help #Love #Televisa #Tv #Mx #Mexico #Friends #ayuda #Estomatology #Estomatologia #Buap

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When your pushup works wonders.


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You’ve been praying for the real thing for years, but this’ll do.

When you’re broke and you get your FAFSA check in the mail.

When your broke and you get your fafsa! #rosadeguadalupe

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We all know the feeling.

When you figure out how to do the homework.

Como cuando sientes ese momento!!! #rosadeguadalupe #moment #impacto #ElMomento #jajaja ????

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It’s better than that lightbulb moment.

When you find the last Mexican coke at home.

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Nothing else like it.

…Or when you break your Coca-Cola addiction.

#rosadeguadalupe #viento #lamejoractriz #yadejalasdrogasvalentina

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You probably didn’t know you had it in you, but anything’s possible with la Virgen.

When the breeze hits you on a hot, humid a$$ day.

#rosadeguadalupe#nivelsueño hahahaha?

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When she agrees to Netflix and chill.

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Another yasss moment.

When it happens just because…

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I’d like to thank everyone who made this possible, especially those fanning me. This is for you?.

When you feel blessed, wayyyyy blessed just because.


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A Mysterious Site Could Hint At A Possible Rage Against the Machine Reunion... Sorta


A Mysterious Site Could Hint At A Possible Rage Against the Machine Reunion… Sorta

You all know Rage Against the Machine, right?

Credit: Bryan Bedder / Getty

One of the most politically active bands of the ’90s and 2000s, Rage Against the Machine were known for their bombastic performances, socially conscious lyrics and political activism. The band was critical of both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Here’s the crowd that gathered during their performance near the 2000 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles.

Credit: BVMTValternative / YouTube

Police were sent out to break up large crowds that remained after the concert.

And in 2008, several protestors hit the streets after a Rage show in Minneapolis, where the Republican National Convention was being held.

Credit: Eric Thayer / Getty

Guess what? More than 15 years ago, RATM’s video for “Sleep Now in the Fire” foreshadowed our current political climate. Watch closely:

Credit: RATMVEVO / YouTube

Didn’t catch it? Go back to 1:04, and you’ll find this eerie clip:


There’s a trenchcoat-clad dude holding up a sign that says “Donald J. Trump for President – 2000.”


Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 6.13.26 PM
Credit: RATMVEVO / YouTube

Here are some of the lyrics from the song:

The lie is my expense
The scope with my desire
The party blessed me with its future
And I protect it with fire


Yeah, Trump was pledging to run for President for years, but the clip is still ~creepy~, OK?

After breaking up in 2000, RATM reunited in 2007 to play several shows, including a headlining gig at Coachella. But in 2011, drummer Brad Wilk hinted that band had broken up once more.

Credit: guerillavideo2011 / YouTube

The band’s last performance took place at L.A. Rising, a music festival in Los Angeles. “Well, as far as I know, we played our last show in 2011 at the Coliseum, and if that was our last show, that’s a good way to go out,” said Wilk to Blabbermouth.

But it looks like RATM may be getting back together, in one form or another. A mysterious site, prophetsofrage.com, was recently launched. It displayed a countdown clock along with this message:

Credit: prophetsofrage.com

The site was down for a while, presumably due to all the traffic it’s gotten since it was discovered. “Prophets of Rage” refers to a famous track by rap legends Public Enemy, leading some to speculate that RATM and Public Enemy are collaborating on a song (or album). Public Enemy frontman Chuck D also added fuel to the fire, tweeting out a few YouTube links to RATM performances. #TAKETHEPOWERBACK refers to “Take The Power Back,” a song from RATM’s 1992 self-titled debut.

A Twitter user also noticed these posters in Los Angeles:

Credit: @FlippenMusic / Twitter

So what’s the deal? SOMETHING is happening, but it’s not a full-fledged RATM reunion.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.55.14 PM

Credit: RATMVEVO / YouTube

According to Rolling Stone, a source said the project involves “some members of Rage,” and live performances are in the works. Billboard is reporting that the supergroup will consist of RATM (minus vocalist Zack de la Rocha), Chuck D and Cypress Hill’s B-Real.

Some members of Rage? Fans hoping for a RATM reunion with all four members are probably thinking:

Credit: Perfect Sense / IFC Films

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