These Curly Chicas Taught Me How to Embrace My Natural Hair

I LOVE every single piece of bouncy hair on my head and wouldn’t trade my ‘fro for the world. It wasn’t always like that, though. It took patience, research and a great dose of inspiration to truly fall in love with my natural hair. I owe much of the appreciation for my awesome hair to these curly chicas and their spot-on tips.

“Find a natural hair salon.” – Vilma Peguero

“Give your hair some loving.” – Alba Ramos

“YOU ARE NOT ALONE.” – Carolina Contreras

“Clap your hair.” – Ona Diaz-Santin


Credit: The Hair Saint / Instagram

Wait, what? Yeah, clapping your hands with your hair between you palms after styling and when your hair is fully dry is Ona’s, a.k.a. The Hair Saint’s, secret for bouncier, fuller, lovelier curls. This woman is a true curly hair magician!

“Use your fingers.” – Bianca Alexa

“Forget shampoo.” – Rocio Mora

“Chop it.” – Mel Burgos

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“Mix and match.” – Ada Rojas

Here’s to great hair days, every day!

Credit: Planet Records

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Are there any other curly hair tips that’ve worked wonders for you? Share, share, share!

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