Current Latinx Music Wonders You’ll Want to Add to Your Playlist

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If there’s something Latinx CANNOT live without, it’s music! While abuelita blasts Paquita la del Barrio’s “Rata de Dos Patas”, papi cheers to Los Tigres del Norte, and la tia solterona is secretly in love with Luis Miguel, there’s something for the whole fam. For those of us who like to keep up with current music wonders, here’s a list of emerging Latinx artists you need to add to our playlist, right now!

Gisela Fulla-Silvestre

Barcelona born, Brooklyn based, and honorary Latinx, Gisela aka NOIA, studied film scoring and sound design in college. Her clean technique and slick angelical voice help bring her chill and artful tracks to a whole new level.

Dame Arocena

This afro-Cubana, with a tender personality and smoky voice delivers a modern version of traditional Afro-Cuban jazz, spiced with flawless percussion, electronic beats and R&B. She composes and sings to Orisha’s Goddes of the ocean, Yemaya, and does it from the very roots of her soul.

The Chamanas

From Juarez, The Chamanas made a successful appearance at the SXSW- South by Southwest conference last March and have since captivated Latinx audiences with their four dude band, which includes the deep voice of indie rock princess, Pau.


A fresh and irresistibly smooth mix of Afro-Boricua sounds and Yoruba culture, ÍFÉ delivers rich percussion, catchy lyrics and solid music videos. Their single “House of Love” is the perfect song for a chill fall afternoon with bae.

Mint Field

Mexican duo Estrella Sánchez and Amor Amezcua, have earned the title of indie revelation of 2016, due to their brilliant and minimalist dream pop sound. They’ve toured across stages in the U.S. and Mexico, including Coachella. Mint Field delivers a certain level of sorrow, yet soul touching sounds.


Colombian born Kiño has gained an increasing popularity due to his rap Conciencia production and his character of Kaiser in the telenovela Lady La Vendedora de Rosas.

Gina Chavez

With catchy songs, the bilingual Latin-folk singer and song writer, likes to spice up her productions with Caribbean percussion, electro beats and even hip-hop.

Princess Nokia


Destiny Frasqueri is the amazing vocals behind Princess Nokia, an experimental electronic band based in New York City. If you’re an MIA lover, you’ll fall in love with the flavor of this artist, who insists on the importance of staying true to herself on a personal and professional level.

Hello Seahorse!

Vocalist Denise Gutiérrez studied classical music but flipped her approach when she met the rest of the Hello Seahorse! band. They consider music to be an international means of communication, regardless of language.

María del Pilar

This California resident gained some attention when she was part of LA rock band Los Abandoned, but has recently decided to go solo. Songs + Canciones, her latest record is a showcase of María’s various influences which deliver a new and quirky pop sound.