Some Of Mom’s Crushes Were Hot AF And Others Make Us Think WTF Mom

Because even mom had a few crushes before she met dad.

1. The men of Garibaldi

Like, how can you not think that these four men are sexy? O. M. Geeez.

2. Fernando Colunga

He was the reason mom didn’t want to be bothered during her novela time. Can you blame her?

3. Joan Sebastian

Now, Sebastian was the first time we learned that what makes you sexy isn’t always what was on the outside. His lyrics were more than enough to make you fall head over heels.

4. Alejandro Sanz

CREDIT: Alejandro Sanz. ANDINA/Difusión

Before he was a judge on “La Banda,” Alejandro Sanz was serenading your mom with his smooth stylings.

5. Marc Anthony

CREDIT: Obafabrimartins / YouTube

This isn’t the Marc we grew up on. I don’t think we’d be into the long hair and nerdy glasses, but hey, to each their own.

6. Chayanne

CREDIT: Cricket Wireless / YouTube

No words necessary.

7. Ricky Martin

CREDIT: AZCentral.com

Somehow she was able to see past that questionable hairdo and saw the true essence of who this man is.

8. José José

CREDIT: El Universal

He was just so fine you had to say his name twice.

9. Luis Miguel

CREDIT: latintrends.com

Alright we get it.

10. Vicente Fernández

CREDIT: Telemundo

Who didn’t (and still doesn’t) love this man?

11. Julio Iglesias

CREDIT: WeGoPlaces.com

The jury is still out on how hot he is but that didn’t stop mami from listening to all of his songs during those road trips.

12. Andy García

CREDIT: WallsDesk.com

Those eyes, that chin and his hair all worked together so well that you couldn’t help but fall in love. ❤️❤️❤️

13. Pedro Fernández

CREDIT: El Erazno

Never has a mariachi outfit looked so damn good. Amirite? What really got mom was when he did his little vueltecitas in his tight pants.

14. Menudo

CREDIT: Luz Noticias

No matter how many times they swapped out these guys, they seemed to make everyone’s heart melt.

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9 Dating Tips My Abuelita Gave Me That Saved My Relationships


9 Dating Tips My Abuelita Gave Me That Saved My Relationships

My abuela passed away, at age 102. She made sure to leave a legacy of old-fashioned dating advice that surprisingly has helped me in my relationships. Here’s what she told me…

Déjelo Ser


Nothing attracts a guy more than feeling he’s still got his freedom. But you know what they say, too much of anything can be a bad thing.

No Lo Persiga


Flirting with him is great, chasing him will only make him run faster.

Preséntelo Con Su Mami


Mom’s can see through bullshit. One look at him and she’ll tell you what she thinks of him. Most likely she’ll say he’s no good for you.

Gánese A La Suegra


And may the Lord protect you and be with you.



Nothing scares a potential novio more than a woman that screams desperation.

Sea Usted Misma


It’s better that he knows (and likes) the real you from the get go.

Escuche La Tripa


Your gut doesn’t lie, neither do your instincts.

No Crea Todo Lo Que Le Dice


Actions speak louder than words.

No Seas Escandalosa


No one likes a drama queen. Not a novio. Not your amiga. No one.

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