These 9 Proposals *Might* Make You Believe In Love

Love is probably the most magical thing ever. Don’t believe it? Check out these adorable and tear-worthy proposals and think again.

This dude loves his girl so much, he wanted to share the moment with… well, everybody.

That’s a man who isn’t afraid to show his emotions in public.

Or you can take the flashmob route, like this guy, if you really want to make a scene.

She was totally digging all the love and attention.

Why not take the proposal to where all the magic started in the first place?

Recuerdo que mi primer viaje a España cambió mi manera de ver las cosas, de que ver a dos personas del mismo sexo tomadas de la mano en la calle es algo tan normal como ir al supermercado, por muchos años oculté lo que sentía por @glenndmm no haciéndolo público en las redes, entonces me pregunto: ¿Por qué no puedo mostrar lo que me hace feliz? ¿Sólo porque les disguste a los demás? O porque sencillamente no quieren entender más allá, que todos tenemos derecho a amar y que cuando se trata de amor no pueden existir límites. Pues éste es uno de los momentos más bonitos que me ha dado la vida (por cierto quedé en shock porque no me lo esperaba). Hoy quiero compartir con ustedes la propuesta de matrimonio que me hicieron en Barcelona – España dónde #ledijequesi a mi compañero de vida, la persona que con altos y bajos ha estado siempre para mi demostrándome su amor durante casi 10 años . Estoy muy muy agradecido con cada una de las personas que aparecen en el vídeo, no simplemente porque aparezcan en él, sino que siempre han querido lo mejor para mí y han estado allí de corazón. Aquí el video completo: https://youtu.be/A6TZ68wMFGM recuerden suscribirse al canal de Youtube, compartir y darle like. Recuerden como dice Glenn Medina: "Porque amar no puede ser malo". #lovewins #propuestadematrimonio ??

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I’m not crying. It is just raining.

You can always take the more intimate, dinner party approach.

Look at those roses! ?

You can never go wrong with destination proposal!

What could be more romantic than taking your love on a getaway and popping the question?!

Or you can always make it an adorably awkward business proposal.

Looks like she is granting him that two-year extension on their partnership!

Keep it holy and do it in a church if that’s your thing.

Si Dios quiere.

How about a romantic beach proposal?

Make sure you include a cheesy line about how the ocean fails to compare to the amount of love you hold for your sweetheart. #HeartMeltingSappiness

For all the sports fans, what’s better than dressing up for your team while promising your heart to the one forever?

❤?? #UNAM #propuestadematrimonio #pumas #Goya #CU #final #unamor @instaunam_ @pumasmxoficial

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Answer: Nothing. ??❤️

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Latinas Shared The Movies And Shows That Made Them Feel Seen


Latinas Shared The Movies And Shows That Made Them Feel Seen


It’s no secret that over the past few decades, people of color worked to fight for equal representation on screens both big and small. While, of course, there have been great POC and LGTBQ relationships on television there’s really been a spike in the spectrum of representation since our early years watching television and learning about relationships.

Recently, we asked Latinas on Instagram what shows and movies featured their favorite most diverse couples.

And the answers threw us for a time loop!

Check them out below!

“Maria and Luis on Sesame Street.”- melissa_phillips71

“Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner is The Bodyguard, they reminded me of my parents and they loved to play the soundtrack.” –millenialmarta

“The leads in Someone Great, Jane and Michael the virgin and the lesbian relationship Gentrified. It’s been 30 years and I finally found characters I can relate to.” –allyss_abyss_

“Most definitely, “Brooklyn 99”: two female Hispanics as regulars and a white person playing a Hispanic (Andy Samberg’s character’s last name is Peralta, which is a Spanish surname).” – seadra2011

“Holt and Kevin(and Rosa Diaz) have changed the way people have perceived gay couples and gay people. Nine Nine!” –chaoticbiguy

“The first on-screen presence that made me feel seen/represented period was @justinamachado ‘s character on One Day At A Time. A Latina veteran struggling with her mental health while trying to juggle school, work, love, and family? And as a main character? Whew….“-vieja.metiche

“Taína! It was on Disney if I remember correctly?? Then @americaferrera in sisterhood of the traveling pants as Carmen. 😭❤️ her life was like mine. Growing up in suburbs but never really having a place culturally.. but my girlfriends still had my back no matter our background.” –chessy__a

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People Are Sharing Their Personal Experiences Of Feeling Shame Over Their Bisexuality And It’s Pretty Heartbreaking


People Are Sharing Their Personal Experiences Of Feeling Shame Over Their Bisexuality And It’s Pretty Heartbreaking


It’s no secret that more than most sexualities, the bisexual experience is often invalidated and largely stigmatized. Often times, people who are bisexual are forced to shoulder the social stigmas from partners, friends, and family who believe that they are hiding their homosexuality, are sexually promiscuous, and or more likely to spread sexually transmitted diseases.

Curious about the effects of the stereotypes, we scoured Reddit for personal experiences with the sense of shame some people feel attached to their bisexual identity.

Check out what we found in one thread below.


So, I’m bi and finding some videos on the youtubes about bisexuality and started watching videos of people saying being bi doesn’t exist. I also noticed on some apps like grindr and a few others who seemed to have a ‘problem’ with my being bi for some reason. Which makes me feel bad about being bi :c

“I was really insecure about my sexuality for a long time… I still kinda am but I’m mostly ok with it Now. Sometimes I even love it. I’m not really ashamed of it anymore, I’m just incredibly introverted and very private so I’m not open to most people about it. It took me several years to come to terms with my sexuality and accept myself and I still struggle with it sometimes. I used to wish I could just be straight. But now I feel like if there was something I could do to make myself straight, I wouldn’t do it.”-Strawbeerylemonade

“No I don’t feel bad about who I am. If someone doesn’t like me for who I am, I don’t want to date them.”- EnLaSxranko

“There is a lot of misconceptions about us in the gay and straight community. I don’t feel shame but I feel awkward. No matter who I choose to be with I feel I need to explain. I’m currently in an amazing opposite gender relationship with a queer woman who I adore and we encounter bi-phobia. Today I kissed her at Pride. We are in love and queer.
I hold my relationships with my male partners in high regard and will never be ashamed that I loved them (because of their gender). So like it or not, as queer people my love for my girlfriend will be political. oh well. I’m used to it and so is she.”- torontomammasboy

“Kinda. I find it embarrassing for some reason, kinda like if I had a skin condition or something. I actually came out to my parents yesterday and they haven’t disapproved or anything but I feel really weird that they know now. Kinda exposed feeling. It’s weird. I also get the whole shame part. I don’t want to be public about my same sex attractions in the sense that they are almost purely sexual in nature. I would probably not date a guy. I’m ashamed I have sexual feelings for men but really wouldn’t date them (I could do a BFF with benefits thing but it wouldn’t be romantic at all and I don’t think I’d ‘fall in love’).”- CompartmentalizeMyBi

“I’m 25 and am currently having my homophobic mother staying with me until she finds her own place. I’ve came out to her a couple of years ago, but she dismissed it as “foolishness” and has basically been in denial about it ever since. I basically have to tip-toe around her if I want to have another guy in my own apartment. That combined with my own internalized homophobia and biphobia makes it hard not to feel ashamed of my own attractions.” – acethunder21

“No I do not feel any shame. Mostly because I actually don’t give myself any label at all. And why I don’t give myself one is because honestly, I hate labels. For jobs, for relationships, for sexuality. It all is just not something I want to deal with. Now I’m not saying that any of the the labels you give yourself aren’t any real to you. You’re reality is just as personal to you, as mine is to me. And I don’t want to get in the way of how you want to live. And that’s how everyone should really treat each other about their sexuality. I’m nearly 17, (6 days from now) and male. I’m in love with my first, and 7-month boyfriend. A lot of my friends and family know this, and I didn’t feel any different coming out about it to them than when they did not know. When wondering about your sexuality, learn it like you would playing an rpg game. Go out and explore, and find what you like, and make it yours. Hopefully my tired 1:30 am rant meant something. Have a happy night and 4th if your in the good ol’ U.S. Of A like me.”-PopsOnTheRox

“I stopped giving a f*** about what people think eons ago. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has them. Yours is the only one that should matter to you. Make yourself proud and you’ll find people respect and admire it.”-StroppyMantra

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