These 9 Proposals *Might* Make You Believe In Love

Love is probably the most magical thing ever. Don’t believe it? Check out these adorable and tear-worthy proposals and think again.

This dude loves his girl so much, he wanted to share the moment with… well, everybody.

That’s a man who isn’t afraid to show his emotions in public.

Or you can take the flashmob route, like this guy, if you really want to make a scene.

She was totally digging all the love and attention.

Why not take the proposal to where all the magic started in the first place?


I’m not crying. It is just raining.

You can always take the more intimate, dinner party approach.

Look at those roses! ?

You can never go wrong with destination proposal!


What could be more romantic than taking your love on a getaway and popping the question?!

Or you can always make it an adorably awkward business proposal.

Looks like she is granting him that two-year extension on their partnership!

Keep it holy and do it in a church if that’s your thing.

Si Dios quiere.

How about a romantic beach proposal?

Make sure you include a cheesy line about how the ocean fails to compare to the amount of love you hold for your sweetheart. #HeartMeltingSappiness

For all the sports fans, what’s better than dressing up for your team while promising your heart to the one forever?


Answer: Nothing. ??❤️

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