Relive Every Party Your Family Has Ever Thrown With These 7 Things

Celebrate responsibly, Captain’s orders!

When it comes to celebrating, we go ALL OUT. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding anniversary or family get together just ‘cause – we do the most, to host the best parties. Let’s take a look at some key items that never fail to make an appearance at your family party.

1. Loteria game with frijoles to replace bingo chips.

2. Karaoke machine (extra points if your fam brought out the fog machine).


3. Guayabera shirts — because men like to be fancy too.

4. Frosted cake with fruit all served on an elaborate three-story cake platter.

5. Foil, paper plates and tupperware (for the recalentado).

6. A Grill + Grilling Chef Extraordinaire, also known as your Tio.


Credit: Giphy

No Latino family party is complete without a carne asada or chorizo piece sizzling on the grill, and of course that one tio that’s in charge of cooking it all. Que rico!

7. The fully stocked “adult table” courtesy of every single family member coming prepared.

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