These 2 Latinas Run Hollywood, Can Run The World


Just because you don’t recognize Patty Rodriguez and Jen Rosales’ names doesn’t mean they’re not making sh*t happen in Hollywood.

As a matter a fact, Rihanna’s world — you know, the trips, tours, clothing lines, etc. — wouldn’t run the way it does if it weren’t for her personal assistant, Jen. As for Patty, would we even know who Ryan Seacrest was if it weren’t for the radio show she produces every morning on KIIS FM? She’s also joined forces with MAC Cosmetics to create a Selena makeup line and sold her children’s books to Barnes & Noble. These Latinas have been running Hollywood for some time, and they’re letting their hard work speak for itself… just like they were taught by their parents.

“Being successful in this industry came hand-in-hand with being Latina. Watching my parents just GRIND on a daily basis, from morning to night, everyday,” Rosales said. “The one thing I always knew was to work hard, and you’ll succeed.”

“To me, it just feels like a dream. It’s hard to imagine that this little Mexican-American girl, whose parents came here to this country with nothing, was able to go for it,” Rodriguez said. “It still feels like a dream.”

Both  Rodriguez and Rosales come from humble backgrounds. Their parents — Mexican and Costa Rican, respectively — all crossed the border with no money or language skills.

“My dad did it (crossed the border) the old school way, with a coyote and through gutters and desert. My mom crossed like a white woman. She did her hair all big, fabulous coat, high heels and crossed the border,” Rosales said.

The hard work that these Latinas have been putting in for more than a decade has been for one incentive. “With all the glitz and glamour comes a lot of sacrifice and hard work. You miss a lot of personal life, a lot of weddings and a lot of birthdays… but it’s all worth it,” Jen said. “I’ve been able to provide for my family. And that’s all I ever wanted.”

Listen to their interview on USA Latino here

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