These 10 Scenarios Are So Good They’re Almost Impossible to Believe

Check out Wendy’s new quarter-pound* Double Stack™ option in the 4 for $4**, it’s a deal so good, it’s almost impossible to believe.  

Sometimes, we all deserve a break in life. Whether it’s stress from a big essay at school, a big project at work coming up, or family drama, we can often find ourselves daydreaming about chiller times.

Which is why sometimes we find ourselves praying for these 10 impossible scenarios that would totally make our lives better in a heartbeat.

1. Your tias not asking why you’re single at Sunday family dinner.


Wouldn’t that be an absolute dream? But, of course, it’s too good to be true since your tias need to stick their nose in all of your relationship business, all of the time.

2. Your abuela doesn’t backseat drive when you take her on her errands.

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Listen, you love your abuela! But if JUST ONE TIME she didn’t criticize your driving, you would be the happiest person in the entire world.

3. Your little sister doesn’t steal your cutest dress from your closet.

CREDIT: Wizards of Waverly Place / Disney / Giphy / Tumblr

It’s called personal space, and your siblings have no idea what it is. They’re convinced what’s yours is theirs, and that includes your dopest outfits.

4. Your dad says you don’t have to wash the car.

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Oh, to have one Sunday afternoon when you aren’t tasked with scrubbing the family vehicle! What a gift that would be. Also also something that would never actually happen in real life.

5. Abuelo doesn’t call you your cousin’s name at family dinner.

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In a world where Abuelo doesn’t mix up all the cousins, you are the happiest camper. But again, that will never happen, and you’re doomed to be called Antonio for the rest of your life.

6. Your little prima doesn’t tag along with you and your friends to the movies.

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You love your baby cousin, obviously, but sometimes the older kids just want to enjoy a movie and not have to stress about a kid. In a perfect world, your little cousin can sense this and doesn’t force themselves to hang.

7.You can still fit into your flyest pair of jeans despite all the tamales you ate during the holidays.

CREDIT: Scandal / ABC / Hulu / GIPHY

Now this is an impossible situation! You know those tight fitting pair of jeans you love?? Well, they still fit perfectly, despite all the tamaladas you attended over winter break. THE DREAM!

8. Your sister doesn’t read your texts to the person you have a crush on and then recite them at dinner with the family.

CREDIT: The Daily Edge / GIPHY

Sure, she’s just teasing, but she’s also making your entire world crumble around you and she doesn’t even realize it! Will anything ever be private in your life?! One can only dream.

9. Your roommate offers to drive you to work instead of you having to take the bus.

CREDIT: America’s Next Top Model / The CW / VH1 / UPN / GIPHY

What a beautiful moment that would be! For once you won’t be late because of the terrible bus! Ah well, a person can dream…

10.You wake up on Saturday morning to the smell of cafecito and not the sound of your mom blasting her music to get you in the cleaning mood.

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Juan Gabriel is great, but not when your mom is blasting his music at 8am to get you pumped for cleaning. The only way to wake up is to a perfect cup of cafecito. Ahhh, now this something you could get used to. If only!

It’s hard to believe that these perfect scenarios would ever be real, just like Wendy’s adding the Double Stack™ as an option in the 4 for $4** for a limited time. With over a quarter-pound* of beef, that’s a deal so good, it’s pretty hard to believe.

*Approx. weight before cooking. **Meal includes 4-piece nuggets, small fry, and a small drink. At participating Wendy’s for a limited time. Offer not valid in Alaska or Hawaii.

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