This Is The One Festival You’ll Want To Attend

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There’s never going to be another one like Selena. That’s why a festival in Corpus Christi, Texas, dedicated to her is so is so awesome.

Selena Quintanilla remains queen 21 years after her death. In fact, there’s a new generation of fans that come together every year at Fiesta de la Flor in Corpus Christi to honor her.

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“When I was young, I was always trying to dance like her, dress like her, and do everything like her,” one of the 50,000 attendees told Fusion. “Now I see that my kids are taking in interest in her, but for their own reasons.”

Aside from music, fans can appreciate cool Selena fan art.

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Even Selena murals.

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And take pictures with Chris Perez.

#Repost @azaleaperez57 with Chris Perez! #ChrisPerez #FiestadelaFlor #FiestadelaFlorCC #FDLF #SelenaQuintanilla

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That’s like one degree of separation from the queen.

One quality that made her so iconic was that Selena taught us how to be confident in our own skin. She had no problem showing off her curves.

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She wore clothes that hugged her every curve – before having a big booty was cool. “She didn’t care what people thought. If she wanted to be flashy, she was flashy,” said another fan. “If she looked good and she thought she looked good, she wore it.”

At the Fiesta de la Flor, fans show up dressed in outfits similar to the ones she once wore on stage. Like this one:

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And this one:

I'm gonna keep posting pics… IDC IDC ?????? #FDLF #fiestadelaflor #selenaquintanilla

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And of course, you can’t go to a Selena fest without seeing this iconic ‘fit:

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The famous jumpsuit she wore for her last concert is a top favorite. “We may not look as great, but we’re wearing it,” a fan said. “We don’t care what other people think, just like Selena,” another responded.

“She’s an empowering woman. I feel like she broke the mold for women, not just in Tejano, but in general,” her fans said.

Check out what else fans are saying about Selena, below:

A new generation of Selena fans prove she’s still the Queen af…A new generation of Selena fans prove she’s still the Queen after all these years.

Posted by Jorge Ramos on Friday, May 13, 2016

Credit: Jorge Ramos / Facebook

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Donald Trump Cancels Interview With A Reporter Because He Answered His Phone In Spanish


Donald Trump Cancels Interview With A Reporter Because He Answered His Phone In Spanish


Donald Trump continues his efforts to alienate Latino voters. This time, the presumptive Republican nominee allegedly cancelled an interview with a reporter after finding out he spoke Spanish. But was that the real reason for the cancellation, or was there something else?

On Monday, Donald Trump allegedly pulled out of an interview with this reporter after someone heard him speak Spanish.

Credit: @Carrasquillo/Twitter

Marcos Stupenengo, an Argentine reporter working for Mexico’s TV Azteca, had secured an interview with Donald Trump. While Stupenengo waited in the lobby of Trump Tower for his interview with the GOP frontrunner, he received a phone call, which he answered in Spanish. And that’s all it took for the Trump camp to call the interview off, according to Buzzfeed.

Fighting with Spanish-speaking journalists is nothing new to Donald Trump.

Credit: Univision Noticias/YouTube

Back in August, Donald Trump ejected Univision’s Jorge Ramos out of a press event in Dubuque, Iowa. “Go back to Univision,” Trump contemptuously told Ramos. Many in the Latino community interpreted that as the candidate telling the Mexican-born anchor to go back to Mexico.

Before that, he even feuded with Jose Diaz-Balart.

Credit: Adehofe Efebij/YouTube

Even before he was beefing with Ramos, Trump had already stirred up sh*t with Telemundo’s Jose Diaz-Balart. In July 2015, Trump visited the Mexico/U.S. border in Laredo, Texas. During a Q&A, Diaz-Balart asked Trump whether he thought his own comments about Mexican immigrants being rapists offended the Latino community. Instead of answering, Trump decided to lose it.

So did he really cancel his interview with Marcos Stupenengo because he spoke Spanish?

Credit: @mstupenengo/Twitter

It’s possible. The Trump campaign has yet to comment on the story, but his previous interactions with reporters with Spanish last names seems to suggest that he doesn’t want to talk to any Spanish-speaking media.

Really tho? This guy?

Credit: @mstupenengo/Twitter

Like, look at this guy. How unpleasant could this interview have been?

But wait! Maybe it’s all a catspiracy.

Credit: @mstupenengo/Twitter

Hear us out! We have our own theory. Maybe Trump didn’t cancel his interview with Stupenengo because the reporter spoke Spanish. Need proof? During our investigation (or, you know, while creeping on that dude’s Twitter timeline) we found this tweet where Stupenengo clearly makes fun of Donald Trump’s toupee hair. The Donald has a reputation for having thin skin. What if this whole thing is over that tweet?

Yes, our theory sounds stupid AF, but then again, it’s no worse than pretending to be your publicist to brag about yourself, right?

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