The Worst Beauty Experiments You And Your Primas Did On Each Other

Lots of things happen when you grow up with your primitas, but one of the best (and worst) memories are the makeovers and beauty tips you shared.

Because primas who cut their own hair together, stay together.

You and your primas most likely over-plucked your eyebrows when you were younger…

Christina Aguilera did it in 2001. Era la moda.

But you made up for the damage by tattooing brows on, like your tías.

Or penciled them in super dark so they looked like permanent brows.

You totally fooled everyone into thinking they were real.

Eyebrow pencil is every girl’s best friend.

And when those suckers started growing back in, you and your prima tried out that home waxing kit together.

With all that hair, you basically had enough practice to become certified estheticians.

When you finally decided it was time to go to a pro, you were by each other’s side.

Always there to support one another.

When hair removal seemed too aggressive, you experimented with bleach… on each other.

Because we always seem to think we need to be blonde at some point in our lives.

And nine times out of ten, your obsession with bleach ended with an emergency trip to the salon.

You live and you learn.

When a new makeup trend was on the rise, you always had someone to try out these skills with, thanks to her.

Got new brushes? Call her up ASAP!

This led you to become the unofficial makeup artists for every family wedding and quinceanera.

Cool side hustle! Except that you never got paid.

Even if you weren’t that good.

That’s how much your primas trusted you.

The hair trim you gave your cousin always went a little too far…


That’s how you know the trust is real.

And your mami and tías didn’t know how to deal with the new, short peinado.

You always had someone to support your new piercings that mom would never let you get.

*prayer hands*

And if you had a boss ass prima, she offered to do it herself!

But the best part of this sometimes destructive relationship was that after all those years of practicing at home…

You saved a ton of money.

You and your primas became the queens of DIY beauty.

What beauty moments did you have with your primas? Which were a disaster? Let us know!

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