Only Latinos Teach Their Kids to Do These Things When They’re Four

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Latinos grow up at a different rate than other groups. By the time we’re four, our maturity rivals that of many 18-year-olds.

We master OG signs before we can even hold scissors.


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Even when we find themselves in the kid section, holding coloring books and costumes, we throw up hand gestures like our tías do when they talk about something exciting.

We stick up for la familia.

No one messes with our loved ones, so even when we’re pint-sized, we aren’t afraid to throw some punches.


You have electrical issues? Latinos aren’t afraid to learn any trade. We can fix anything by the time we’re two.

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We were born with that Latina sass.

Haylee signed up for her first soccer season! She also loves heels. Lol #newtownsoccerclub #kidsinheels #nolegs

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Latinas were born to wear heels. So no matter the age, we’re ready to strut them high ones.

Our makeup game has been on point since day 1.

I found my little sister like this in my room ? #playingprincess #sister #love #tooyoungformakeup

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Yeah, we’ve got the makeup game down even if they’re not allowed to wear it yet.

“They see me rollin’, they hatin.”

We couldn’t reach the pedals yet, but we had the cruising game down at 4 years old thanks to dad.

Picking up the ladies.

Play is play #kidswillbekids #panajachel #guatemala #atitlan #jaibalitos #latergram

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We built our tolerance young.

About how I feel today. #clubcerveza #30daysofpeacecorpsecuador #peacecorps #peacecorpsecuador #kidsdrinkingbeer

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We Latinos know how to hold our liquor because we’ve been practicing with sips since we were able to hold the bottle… the beer bottle that is.

Our buying power dates way back.

As Latinos, we know what we want and when we want it. Even if we can’t afford it… or reach it.

We developed a talent of performing pyrotechnics.


Latinos are risk takers and when we see fire, it just means we have to run our fingers through it, throw something in it or make it bigger.


We’re natural-born lovers. Latinos were born to love and be loved… even if that means you start dating in kindergarten.

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