Signs Your Ex Is Thirsting For You


So… He acted a total fool and pushed away the only chica who actually put up with his crap. Now, he’s missing the late nights of Netflix and chill. This is probably what he’s doing to get you back…

Telling you how beautiful you are.


On Twitter, for the world to see.

Liking selfies on Instagram. All of them. 


Yes, EVERY single one of them, in a row.

Then…unfollowing on Instagram.


Right after a stalker display.

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Showing up at your doorstep drunk.


Tell her how you really feel.

Posting selfies of you two.


Nothing tells her you’re serious about winning her back like showing some PDA on social.

Forget drunk texting…


He goes straight for Snapchat instead and snaps everything she’s doing. He even slurs in his snaps and tells you he can’t live without you.

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He buys you guac.


…Before you ask for it.

Texts you “thinking of you, mi amor.”

miss you

Does it at the most random times because he knows how it gets your heart pumping.

Composes a romantic “I’m Sorry” bachata for you.


This might work WAY better than that time Justin publicly humiliated serenaded Selena Gomez.

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