16 Faces Chismosas Know Too Well

Chisme lovers, ven pa’ca. You’re not alone. You might have those holier-than-thou folks posting vicious anti-chisme memes, but that’s only because no one wants to share good chisme with them. So let’s take a moment just for us and discuss the faces that we, the chismosas and chismosos of the world, all know far too well:

When someone says those two magic words: “Tengo chisme”:

Credit: WWE / PandaWhale

…And when they add, “I’ll tell you later”:

Credit: Lifetime / Teen

When a boring convo starts turning into a chisme session:

Credit: Comedy Central / Giphy

When someone unleashes unexpected chisme at the office:

Credit: NBC / Giphy

When the chisme’s about someone you doooon’t liiiike:

Credit: VH1 / Blavity

…And when the chisme’s about you:

Credit: Bravo / Giphy

When the chisme’s weak:

Credit: Paramount Pictures / Wikia

When you have to pretend not to have already heard the chisme:

Credit: NBC / ReactionGifs

When you’re eavesdropping on some delicious gossip:

Credit: Fox / CW

…And immediately need to share it:

Credit: CBS / TheOdysseyOnline

When you have to act like you’re not interested in the chisme:

Credit: BBCOne / Tumblr

When you’re casually trying to draw more chisme out of someone:

Credit: CBS / Tumblr

…Or not so casually:

Credit: Paramount Pictures / Daily Edge

When you have good chisme, but aren’t supposed to share it:

Credit: 20th Century Fox / Blogsppot

When someone says, “No me gusta chismear, but…”:

Credit: Fox / BuzzFeed

And when you’re subtly trying to let someone else know you’re in on the chisme:

Credit: CBS / WordStream

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