16 Faces Chismosas Know Too Well

Chisme lovers, ven pa’ca. You’re not alone. You might have those holier-than-thou folks posting vicious anti-chisme memes, but that’s only because no one wants to share good chisme with them. So let’s take a moment just for us and discuss the faces that we, the chismosas and chismosos of the world, all know far too well:

When someone says those two magic words: “Tengo chisme”:

Credit: WWE / PandaWhale

…And when they add, “I’ll tell you later”:

Credit: Lifetime / Teen

When a boring convo starts turning into a chisme session:

Credit: Comedy Central / Giphy

When someone unleashes unexpected chisme at the office:

Credit: NBC / Giphy

When the chisme’s about someone you doooon’t liiiike:

Credit: VH1 / Blavity

…And when the chisme’s about you:

Credit: Bravo / Giphy

When the chisme’s weak:

Credit: Paramount Pictures / Wikia

When you have to pretend not to have already heard the chisme:

Credit: NBC / ReactionGifs

When you’re eavesdropping on some delicious gossip:

Credit: Fox / CW

…And immediately need to share it:

Credit: CBS / TheOdysseyOnline

When you have to act like you’re not interested in the chisme:

Credit: BBCOne / Tumblr

When you’re casually trying to draw more chisme out of someone:

Credit: CBS / Tumblr

…Or not so casually:

Credit: Paramount Pictures / Daily Edge

When you have good chisme, but aren’t supposed to share it:

big trouble blowup short
Credit: 20th Century Fox / Blogsppot

When someone says, “No me gusta chismear, but…”:

Credit: Fox / BuzzFeed

And when you’re subtly trying to let someone else know you’re in on the chisme:

Credit: CBS / WordStream

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People Are Sharing Their Ellen DeGeneres Chisme And OMG No Wonder People Are Turning On Her


People Are Sharing Their Ellen DeGeneres Chisme And OMG No Wonder People Are Turning On Her

Disney | Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Last year, much of America had a collective “What was she thinking?” moment when Ellen rather ignorantly explained her friendship with former President George Bush. Many of the people that were targets of Bush’s anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT, anti-women platforms were rightfully upset at the comedienne’s blasé explanation for the unusual friendship.

Now, it seems that backlash against one of America’s most beloved celebrities is only getting bigger amid the Coronavirus pandemic and its related fallout.

It all started when the Ellen show announced a hiatus given the pandemic.

This sounds totally acceptable right? I mean you can’t film a daily talk show with dozens of crew members and a studio audience amid a global pandemic. Sure.

But her longtime crew has been left in the dark for more than a month on their future and they haven’t been paid. Meanwhile, nearly all crew members were told by production executives to prepare for a 60% pay cut. The regular production of her hit TV show is on-hold but Ellen has been filming with a much smaller crew from the comfort of her home. But guess what? She hired a totally different, non-union crew to help take care of it.

And no, this isn’t how things are being done by most other TV shows. Jimmy Kimmel paid the crew for his show out of his own pockets during the initial Covid-19 shutdowns and are now being paid their full rates by ABC. “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” and “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee” have also been transparent in their communication with staff and crew and are paying full rates.

The host also faced backlash after joking that self-isolating in her mansion was ‘like being in jail.’

On her April 6 show, DeGeneres compared self-isolating in her California mansion to being in prison — and Twitter users were quick to call out the talk-show host for what they felt was an insensitive remark.

“One thing I’ve learned from being in quarantine is that people — this is like being in jail, is what this is,” DeGeneres said during the segment, adding, “It’s mostly because I’ve been wearing the same clothes for 10 days, and everyone in here is gay.”

After DeGeneres shared the clip on Twitter, users were quick to call out the host for her remarks about prisons, especially during a time when prison inmates are at an increased risk of contracting COVID-19. Some pointed out that inmates in prisons were far more likely to die from the novel coronavirus than the larger population — especially wealthy people like DeGeneres.

Then there’s the now viral Twitter thread asking for stories about DeGeneres being “one of the meanest people alive,” which got more than 2,000 replies.

A comedian named Kevin T. Porter crowdsourced “insane stories you’ve heard about Ellen being mean” in exchange for $2 donations to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank — and received thousands of responses

While the accuracy of the stories is impossible to verify from tweets alone, news outlets including Insider picked up on the thread. One Twitter user accused DeGeneres of using her fan art as a prop, while another described her getting mad at a server with chipped nail polish who waited on the host and her wife, Portia, at brunch.

There were also stories about DeGeneres’ behavior while filming, including accusations that she wouldn’t let crew members eat meat, that she fired an autistic custodian for greeting her, and that she made anyone entering her office chew gum from a bowl outside her door since she had a “sensitive nose.”

Mariah Carey’s Assistant Alleges Singer Used Her Credit Card For Plastic Surgery Procedures


Mariah Carey’s Assistant Alleges Singer Used Her Credit Card For Plastic Surgery Procedures

Like many Mariah Carey fans or those intrigued by her life, we watched “Mariah’s World” — the reality show/docuseries — that touched on her life, music, and over-the-top divaness. It was a hilarious look at Carey and her extravagant ongoings, and it also showed us that her former assistant Lianna Azarian was a hot mess. So, it came to no surprise when these two ladies parted ways. Now we’re getting more information about their troubled relationship.

Lianna Azarian is alleging that her former boss, Mariah Carey, used her credit cards and racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars on her American Express.


Azarian told the Daily Mail that Carey used her card to get butt implants, and other plastic surgery procedures and did so apparently so no one would find out she was getting all of that work. Azarian also claims Carey used her money to go on shopping sprees.

The publication got a hold of those invoices from medical professionals that shows “a total of $32,765, and included PLLA buttock filler injections, a LipoFreeze fat-melting laser treatment to her upper breasts and an firming ultrasound procedure to her neck and jawline.”

Now Carey is suing Azarian for blackmail and alleges she tried to extort her out of $8 million or else she’d release medical records.


Page Six reports that Carey is suing Azarian for $5 million in damages and alleges that Azarian “breached a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement she signed when she was hired in March 2015.”

“Carey expected Azarian would be a loyal ally in her business and personal life,” the court papers show. “Azarian was anything but: she was an opportunist, a voyeur, a Peeping Thomasina, and an extortionist. Unsatisfied with her extraordinary compensation, access, and lifestyle, Azarian sought to grow her wealth by robbing Carey of her privacy.”

While this whole thing is a hot mess, we think it would make for a great “Mariah’s World Part 2” reality show.


What do you think?

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