The MAC + Selena Premiere Was Everything

If you live in Corpus Christi, Texas, then you are undoubtably the luckiest person on the whole damn planet. MAC + Selena made it’s world debut today in Selena’s hometown and the reaction was exactly what you would expect for La Reina.

The lines for the MAC + Selena release were intense.

Hundreds of people lined up and waited for a chance to take home a piece of Selena’s legacy.

Like, seriously. The line was next level.

Anything fro Selenaaasss!!!

And, despite the long lines, people were so excited to be the first to own some of the line.

The rest of the world will get a chance to get their hands on the Selena collection on Oct. 1. Just one day after the lucky fans in Corpus Christi.

And it wasn’t just the guests to the free event that were hyped. Check out the employees.

Ayyyeeee! Not only were this in Corpus Christi privy to seeing the collection first, they were also given swag bags and other merch.

Even John Leguizamo couldn’t help but to get in on all the fun.

*requests a Selena + MAC makeup tutorial from Leguizamo*

And once people got into the store it. got. LIT.

OMG! This is so awesome.

A smart few even ditched their education for the event.

And those who didn’t aren’t real Selena fans. Just a bunch of posers.

Here’s a reenactment of people’s wallets during the launch.

Bank accounts were drained today, as they should. We have waited so long for this moment.

Because once you see this, it is all about swiping that card and owning the collection.

How can you not spend your life savings on this magnificent collection?

Of course, big sis Suzette was there to buy her own Selena collection.

She loved her sister so much. ????

And, yes. There were even some super badass novios there to make their girl’s day extra special.

Selena would approve, bro! Keep the love alive.

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