The Emotional Reaction after Your Crush Likes Your IG Selfie

Your crush just liked your bomb-ass selfie on Instagram and you are literally dying. We’ve all been there, but this is what his double tap truly means…

It begins with the initial excitement.

Credit: psycho-rad / Tumblr

“oMg!!! I cAn’T bElIeVe He LiKeD mY sElFiE!!”

Which leads to a dance of joy when he doesn’t unlike it.

Credit: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic / DHX Media / geekylaugifs / Tumblr

“It wasn’t a mistake. This is not a drill.”

There’s a sense of gratitude.

Credit: Glee / FOX / wusicforcars / Tumblr

As in you’re grateful the girls could help make it happen.

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You are so hyped you have to show your friends.

Credit: girls-in-the-middle / Tumblr

“Can you believe it? Luis double tapped my selfie!”

This means he totally loves you.

Credit: Selena / Warner Bros. /michaelsocha / Tumblr

Which is perfect because you love him too and you want to be together forever. ?

He is definitely going to propose to you in two weeks. Definitely.

Credit: Jane the Virgin / CW / janethevirgin-gifs / Tumblr

“Yes. The answer always has been and always will be yes!”

You schedule wedding gown fittings all over town.

Credit: Bridesmaids / Universal Pictures / gif-andthings / Tumblr

It’s never too early to pick the perfect wedding dress for the perfect wedding with the perfect man.

You start practicing the first dance.

Credit: mgbekethesecond / Tumblr

Good thing he’s a good dancer. He can pick up on the steps in no time.

 And you plan the perfect reception playlist.

Credit: SNL / NBC / thegiflibrary / Tumblr

Dreaming of You“? ✔️. “La Vida Es Un Caranval” ¡Claro! “Suavemente“? ¿Cómo que no?

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You dream about all the dinners you want to cook for him.

Credit: xshellyluna / Tumblr

Because you love him and you want to take care of him. #domesticated

You start thinking about baby names.

Credit: Jane the Virgin / CW / eat-sleep-breathe-tv / Tumblr

“Luis is a family name so our first son will be Luis Héctor after him and my dad. Then our first daughter will be Yolanda after my mom. Where’s my notebook?”

And then he likes another post and you know it’s game over.

Credit: American Idol / Fox / americanidol / Tumblr

?”I got my man. I got my man.”?

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