9 Things Only #Gaytinos (Gay+Latino) Understand

Because they ignored, or were totally oblivious to the fact you were gay, you quickly learned how to hide and skirt the truth to keep peace in your familia.  Here are some of those silly-ass tricks…

The Phone Quick-Change

Because moms are nosey and went through your phone.

The Big Gulp

Because tía was always nagging you for chisme about your love life.

It’s “Me” Time

The “I’m focusing on my career” excuse was always a good one…and it made everyone so proud.

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Keeping the Sparkle on the Inside

While mom bragged to her church friends, you just smirked and looked the other way.

A Lot of “Let’s Just be Amigos, Ok?

Sleepovers were Secret Date Nights

Me: Lo prometo, dad. No boys. ?

The Smile Cry

The Bathroom Cry

Mom: What are you doing in the bathroom?

Me: Just taking a bath.

But were you really fooling anyone?

Credit: pbonnie89 / Tumblr

Me: Mami, Papi…I’m gay. ?

Papi: *silence*

Mami: Yeah. We know. Now, frega los platos y haces tu tarea. We love you.

Me: I love you too. ?

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