The 7 Types Of Texts Dads Always Send

Our fathers are distinct creatures, with their own set of dreams and hopes for us, and their very own style of humor. (Dad jokes >>> all other jokes.) They also have a few very specific texting habits we really need to discuss…

The Dad Joke:

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The Low-Key Guilt Trip:

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The Unsolicited Advice:

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The Rescue:

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The Deft Deferral:

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The Emojipalooza:

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The Tech Superstar:

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Dads. Gotta love ’em.

Credit: Bravo

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VIDEO: Latino Dads Discuss Why They Don’t Say I Love You


VIDEO: Latino Dads Discuss Why They Don’t Say I Love You

Growing up in Latino households, the dynamic between parents and their kids is pretty straightforward. They rule the house and what they say goes. While they could be a little strict at times, they show love in other ways such as making homecooked meals, fixing anything that needs fixing and sacrificing a lot for a better life.

In a new video by Mitu, the relationship between fathers and sons is spotlighted as one where discussions about love and sensitivity can be difficult.


In most Latino households, the machismo mentality is very present, and breaking down that wall of emotions is almost impossible to do. Dad’s will undoubtedly say that they do love their children, but they have a difficult time saying the actual words.

In three generations of fathers and sons, each dad admits that they just don’t say “I love you.”


It could be the language barrier or a cultural difference, but hearing “I love you” from a parent to their child is the best thing to help a relationship grow in a nurturing way.

One of the most touching parts of their stories is when the sons tell their fathers how much their love means to them.


Each son spoke so eloquently and told them that they admire their hard work, and everything they sacrificed for them, and how they understand that all they do is to help their families, and others.

A beautiful portion of the video (and you will cry so grab some tissue) is when Sergio Garcia tells his dad Manuel Garcia that he has taught him so much throughout his life.


Sergio says that his dad taught about having a good work ethic, that he knows how much he did for their family, and how to be humble and respectful.

Check out the full video here.

Here Are Nine Things That Will Make A Latino Dad Cry Every Time


Here Are Nine Things That Will Make A Latino Dad Cry Every Time


Like a lot of Latino dads, mine always kept a tough exterior. He was raised to be impenetrable, just as his father had been raised and so on. But that doesn’t mean he never shed a few tears.

There’s something about seeing your dad cry that simultaneously breaks your heart and freaks you out, and in some cases makes you laugh. Here are nine things that bring a tough dad to tears, without fail.

1. Mariachi music

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Un Hombre Llamado EL Diablo/Producciones Matouk

It’s over the second the strings start on “Amor Eterno,” also known as the most beautiful and heartbreaking song ever invented. It causes immediate weeping into a bottle of Pacífico.

2. Seeing his baby or grandbaby for the first time

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Dos Mujeres Un Camino/Canal de las Estrellas

Nothing like a tiny angelic baby made of his own blood to reduce a grown man to tears.

3. His fútbol team losing

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Yup. The second the goal-winning score went to the other team it was the 7 stages of grief. “Noooo! No puede ser!” inevitably leads to light sobbing ,and then “estos cabrones siempre te dejan decepcionados.”

4. His fútbol team winning

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Tears happen in agony and ecstasy. And seeing his beloved team win a major match always brings on the happy tears. It’s pretty cute.

5. A particularly heartfelt round of saying what you’re thankful for during Thanksgiving dinner

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Amores Perros/Lionsgate

The second the words “I’m thankful for my children and wife” come out of him, bye. Gone. Olvídalo. He loses it.

6. His daughter graduating or getting married

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Dos Mujeres Un Camino/Canal de las Estrellas

This. Right. Here. Seeing your dad sob almost uncontrollably just because he’s so happy for you is the greatest, most freakiest thing ever. Everyone is gonna be crying.

7. Your Mom

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Maria la del Barrio/Televisa

Whether he loves her or hates her, or even a little bit of both, the passion is there and he’ll cry angry tears, sad tears and/or happy tears when he gets started on her. Your mom has a lot of power of his tear ducts. And yeah, tequila is usually involved.

8. His mom

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It doesn’t matter how old he is. Latino dads are always and forever a mama’s boy, and your abuelita, whether she is alive or passed, will always set him crying. He may be remembering her, or perhaps he’s disappointed her in some way. Whatever the case, abuelita and your mom can make a dad cry real quick.

9. That being said: tequila

CREDIT: One Voice Radio/Memecrunch.com

Tequila brings out all the feelings. All of them. Any alcohol really. Alcohol gets all the dads weeping over something. That something can be any of the above, or something totally different. But the song “Tragos de Amargo Licor” was created for a reason, and that reason is because dads cry when they’re drunk.

Whatever the reason, seeing your dad cry is something you never forget. Latino dads catch the feels hard, and luckily you’re there to give him a hug when he needs it.

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