Which Of These 7 Types Of Amigas Are You?

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They’re all different and all equally amazing…

La Chismosa

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This friend knows everything that’s going on with everyone and cannot WAIT to tell you about it via text, Facebook, gChat or sky writing. Note: In some friend groups, this might be literally every person.

The Young Abuela

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This type of friend was basically born old. She can’t help but want to take care of everyone around her, whether she’s sweet about it or resorts to some tough love. She’s the only one of your friends you can count on to always carry tissues, Band-aids, eye drops, and these viejita-ass candies.

La Reina del Party

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This girl can out-dance (and possibly out-drink) everyone around her, loves to shout “woo!” at high volume and doesn’t leave a party without becoming best friends with the DJ. She’s the one you invite when you just want to focus on having the time of your life, even if it means being half-dead behind your sunglasses at brunch the next morning.

The TeleThalia

Credit: Televisa / Thalia Daily

You know how Thalia often played the young, innocent girl? That’s this friend. She sees the best in everyone and is probably a big fan of those motivational quotes you see on Instagram and Pinterest. She’s the best, even though you want to shake her by the shoulders every time she says chisme “isn’t nice.” Girl, who cares?!

The Badass

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The only thing you’re scared of when you’re around this friend is having to possibly bail her out of jail. She’s tough and takes no B.S. from anyone. If you’re close enough, you know that deep down, she’s just as big a softie as anyone. Just don’t mention it or she’ll glare you to death.

The Late Bloomer

Credit: CW / The Game of Nerds

This friend grew up believing she was awkward (and, well, was probably right about that). Suddenly,  she blossomed into a total smart, gorgeous, fun person… who is still, let’s face it, una niñita de mami y papi.

La Geeky Girl

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This girl knows EVERYTHING there is to know about every fandom she’s part of, can cosplay like a champion and is basically the coolest geek you’ll ever know. You might not totally ~get~ all her interests, but her enthusiasm and joy for the things she loves are pretty fantastic.

So. Which friend are you?

Credit: Televisa / EsMas

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The Violence At The Donald Trump Rally Was Intentional


The Violence At The Donald Trump Rally Was Intentional

Scott Olson/Getty Images

On Friday, violence broke out in and around the University of Illinois Chicago Pavilion between Donald Trump supporters and protesters. The fracas began after a Trump spokesperson announced that the GOP frontrunner was cancelling the scheduled rally over safety concerns. The combination of  thousands of angry Trump devotees and a coalition of black, Latino, and Muslim students and their supporters in the same space resulted in the lowest point of the 2016 election. But make no mistake, this wasn’t an accident.

The savagery in Chicago was the culmination of months of race-baiting by Donald Trump.


Credit: RippDemUp TV/”The Rachel Maddow Show”/MSNBC/YouTube

That a Donald Trump event turned violent should come as a surprise to no one. Trump has been using racially-charged language since launching his presidential campaign last June. First, he accused Latinos, specifically Mexican immigrants, of being rapists. Not content with pissing off one group of brown people, he doubled down in December by stating that Muslims should be banned from entering the United States. That was only the beginning.

As you can see in the video above, compiled by “The Rachel Maddow Show,” Trump’s rhetoric has gotten increasingly hateful and divisive. In between talking about how America doesn’t win anymore and how he’s going to make Mexico pay for a border wall (lol, nope), Trump has actively encouraged physical violence and even promised to pay people’s legal fees should they get in trouble. And when confronted with the consequences of his words, Trump naturally placed the blame elsewhere.

This is what a Donald Trump supporter looks like.


Look, I’m not saying that every Donald Trump supporter is a member of the Ku Klux Klan or a white supremacist, but if someone identifies as either, I’m willing to bet the house that they’re backing the real estate magnate at the polls.

It’s long been understood that fear is one of the biggest motivators for humans, and this is certainly true when it comes to anything that can be perceived as an existential threat. That’s what these people are experiencing: a fear that their way of life, that the European-centric culture that has dominated America for centuries, is disappearing before their very eyes. That same existential threat is what has led the likes of walking civil rights violation Anne Coulter and former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke to back Trump.

Again, not everyone who supports Donald Trump is a blatant racist. Some, I assume, are good people. But data shows that his supporters are overwhelmingly white and poorly educated and he loves that. They’re more likely to live in mobile homes and have what’s considered an “old economy” job like agriculture, manufacturing or construction. In their minds, free trade has robbed them of a chance to be middle class and whatever economic opportunity still remains in the United States is threatened by our presence.

Why you should care.

This Will Make You SickDon’t let their voice be the only one heard.

Posted by We are mitú on Thursday, March 3, 2016

Credit: WLKY32 / we are mitú / Facebook

Donald Trump isn’t a stupid man. He’s a reprehensible human being whose face looks like a spray-tanned anus spewing verbal sh*t, but dumb he is not. Despite his ludicrous claims that Latinos love him, Trump knows that we’re not going to vote for him seeing as the latest Gallup poll shows that he has a favorability rating of -65 among Latinos. But you know what? He almost definitely doesn’t care.

Since you’re not voting, it could bite you in the ass.


Despite making up 17 percent of the population (approximately 55 million Latinos), we only made up 10 percent of the electorate in 2012. In 2008, that figure was 9 percent. In contrast, non-Latino white people made up 72 percent of all voters in 2012 and 74 percent in 2008.

I can’t stress enough how important it is that you vote. Like, straight up, just vote and tell anyone around you who’s eligible to do the same. Because if you don’t, then a Donald Trump presidency is on you, fam.

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Register to vote today by downloading the Latinos Vote app for iOS and Android. Our voice matters. #WeAreAmerica

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