Thanks Colombia, We’ll Keep J Balvin to Ourselves

J Balvin hit the stage in L.A. with Becky G — and we’re so glad he did, because we hadn’t seen anything like this in a while. And we’re so glad he’s here because…

J Balvin is Bringing Reggaeton Back

Son las 6 de la mañana…quien se sabe esta canción? #jbalvin #ilovemega #theshrine #ilovemega #lafamiliatour

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With Jams like “6 am” and “Que clase de rumba,” he’s bringing reggaeton back and we hadn’t heard since Daddy Yankee.

He Gets Down… On Hoverboards

That takes talent.

He’s Respresenting for All Latinos


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He gave a shoutout to all Latinos, including Mexicans, and said he’s a soñador just like the rest of us. ❤️

Becky G is Part of His Squad

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You know it’s real when you have this girl in your corner.

He’s Super Humble

GRACIAS POR MI REGALO!!! THANKS FOR MY GIFT!!! Snapchat: jbalvinofficial

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He loves his fans and is excited to meet everyone. He never forgets where he’s from and he has no problem crediting his roots. In fact, he slammed Donald Trump at the beginning of his show.

It Feels Like a Family Party, Not a Concert


You see everyone there. You get pumped up and it’s like you’re dancing with family.

He Brought Rock Back to Latinos

????#losangeles #lafamiliatour #jbalvin @jbalvin

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When was the last time you heard a Latino star rocking out to his own guitar? J Balvin gets down.

He Plays a Damn Good Cover

@jbalvin #losangeles COLOMBIA HACIENDO HISTORIA #lafamiliatour #jbalvin ????

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Weekend, you better watch out.

His Dance Moves are Like… ?

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Self explanatory.

He Gives Single Lady Shoutouts


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Yeah, most are with their significant others, but no worries here when you have J Balvin shouting you out.

All Songs Get You to Move


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There is not one song that’ll have you standing still. If you’re going to a J Balvin concert, you’re going to dance.

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Billboard Listed The Top 50 Latin Music Songs Of All Time And Some People Have Questions


Billboard Listed The Top 50 Latin Music Songs Of All Time And Some People Have Questions

shakira / jbalvin / Instagram

Latin music is something we all grew up with. Our parents raised us on the voices of Celia Cruz and Vicente Fernandez. We cleaned the house and entertained ourselves on road trips to these artists and they are ingrained in our DNA. Billboard recently released a list of the 50 best Latin music songs of all time and some are undoubtedly iconic and others just aren’t Latin music.

Billboard dropped their list for the 50 best Latin music songs of all time and some of them are truly classics.

Amor Prohibido” by Selena, “Guantanamera” by Celia Cruz, “El Rey” by Vicente Fernandez, and “El dia que me quieras” by Luis Miguel are just a few of the songs on the list that deserve all the praise. They are songs that transport us to our childhoods and cherished family memories.

The list also includes some newer songs that have rocked out adult worlds. “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi, “Mi Gente” by J Balvin, “El Farsante” by Ozuna, and “Tusa” by Karol G and Nicki Minaj all made the list. Not only do these songs speak to the Latino audience, they have been able to go mainstream sharing our musical culture with the world. That’s something to admire and respect because it gives our community representation like never before.

The list has proven to be just want some people have been asking for.

Tbh, this would make a pretty amazing road trip playlist if you need to pass the time. Nothing like a mix of Latin music songs playing along to give you a big, inclusive sabor of Latin America through music. A little be of Mexico and a little bit of Puerto Rico mixed in with a little bit of Colombia is pure joy and magic.

However, a lot of people are questioning the list’s inclusion of Spanish artists.

The list has various artists who are not Latino, but Spanish. There seems to be an unspoken rule in the music industry that music in Spanish is automatically Latin music. Fans have long been arguing against the industry’s blanket label of Spanish-language music automatically being considered Latin music.

Rosalía, who has arguably become the face of the debate, is listed as having one of the best Latin music songs of all time.

While Rosalía does make some good music, there is a real push to make sure the artists of Latin American roots are uplifted in Latin music. There is nothing wrong with including Rosalía in your Spanish-language playlists but Latin music fans want the distinction made that some artists aren’t Latino.

You can check out the rest of the Billboard list here.

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Here’s Everything You Should Know About The New J Balvin Doc, ‘The Boy From Medellín’ That Will Soon Be On Amazon


Here’s Everything You Should Know About The New J Balvin Doc, ‘The Boy From Medellín’ That Will Soon Be On Amazon

The Boy From Medellín / Amazon Studios

Few artists have been as busy as J Balvin. The four-time Latin Grammy winner has been pumping out track after track, making him one of the most streamed artists in the world. He’s collaborated with Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Camila Cabello, Maluma, and Bad Bunny.

His latest album, Colores, garnered critical and commercial success. With his songs “Blanco,” “Morado” and “Rojo” hitting number one on the charts, he became the artist with the most #1-songs on the Latin Airplay charts in history, with 24 of his songs earning that spot over the course of his career.

And now, it turns out that he has a major movie deal that will soon be debuted at the Toronto Film Festival, and later will be available for all to watch from the comfort of our Amazon Prime accounts.

Amazon Studios has acquired the rights to J Balvin documentary, The Boy From Medellín and it looks so good.

Amazon Studios has acquired the worldwide rights to the documentary The Boy From Medellín, meaning the world is about to be immersed in the life of one of the world’s biggest stars. Amazon picked up the rights to the film ahead of its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 11.

With some big name support behind it, the film puts the spotlight on the reggaetonero who has become one of the most influential Latin artists of our time.

The Boy from Medellín gives audiences unprecedented access to J Balvin as he prepares for the biggest concert of his life — a sold-out performance in his hometown of Medellín, Colombia. The doc dives deep into the musician’s life as he takes us behind the scenes to show us a pivotal and emotionally charged moment of his life.

“Representing my country, my city and Latin culture globally is a lifelong pursuit and I’m so proud to be a son of Medellín,” said Balvin. “I’m honored to be able to tell my story in this beautiful way and working with Matthew on this project was an incredible experience. Thank you to Amazon for making sure this story can be seen around the world.”

The film was directed by Matthew Heineman, who has several major film projects under his belt.

Credit: Amazon Studios

Oscar-nominated Matthew Heineman directed the documentary about the Columbian reggaeton star to debut at Toronto. Heineman previously worked with Amazon Studios for his film City of Ghosts, for which he won a DGA Award. He also directed A Private War.

“I am excited to partner with Amazon in bringing Jose’s powerful personal story to a global audience,” said Heineman. “While J Balvin is the undeniably talented musical icon behind some of the world’s most popular songs, Jose’s strength and openness in talking about his struggles with mental health drew me to make the film.”

Amazon Studios says that “Heineman is a master of his craft, and beautifully depicts the perspective of an international music icon. We are thrilled to welcome Matthew back to the Amazon family and to share J Balvin’s story with our global customers.”

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