Thanks Colombia, We’ll Keep J Balvin to Ourselves

J Balvin hit the stage in L.A. with Becky G — and we’re so glad he did, because we hadn’t seen anything like this in a while. And we’re so glad he’s here because…

J Balvin is Bringing Reggaeton Back

Son las 6 de la mañana…quien se sabe esta canción? #jbalvin #ilovemega #theshrine #ilovemega #lafamiliatour

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With Jams like “6 am” and “Que clase de rumba,” he’s bringing reggaeton back and we hadn’t heard since Daddy Yankee.

He Gets Down… On Hoverboards

That takes talent.

He’s Respresenting for All Latinos


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He gave a shoutout to all Latinos, including Mexicans, and said he’s a soñador just like the rest of us. ❤️

Becky G is Part of His Squad

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You know it’s real when you have this girl in your corner.

He’s Super Humble

GRACIAS POR MI REGALO!!! THANKS FOR MY GIFT!!! Snapchat: jbalvinofficial

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He loves his fans and is excited to meet everyone. He never forgets where he’s from and he has no problem crediting his roots. In fact, he slammed Donald Trump at the beginning of his show.

It Feels Like a Family Party, Not a Concert


You see everyone there. You get pumped up and it’s like you’re dancing with family.

He Brought Rock Back to Latinos

????#losangeles #lafamiliatour #jbalvin @jbalvin

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When was the last time you heard a Latino star rocking out to his own guitar? J Balvin gets down.

He Plays a Damn Good Cover

@jbalvin #losangeles COLOMBIA HACIENDO HISTORIA #lafamiliatour #jbalvin ????

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Weekend, you better watch out.

His Dance Moves are Like… ?

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Self explanatory.

He Gives Single Lady Shoutouts


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Yeah, most are with their significant others, but no worries here when you have J Balvin shouting you out.

All Songs Get You to Move


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There is not one song that’ll have you standing still. If you’re going to a J Balvin concert, you’re going to dance.

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J Balvin Gets In The Business Of Japanese Hip Hop As He Announces New Project For Anime Film


J Balvin Gets In The Business Of Japanese Hip Hop As He Announces New Project For Anime Film

jbalvin / mflo_official / Instagram

J Balvin is totally on a roll right now. He’s just released a surprise album, Oasis, with Bad Bunny which has rocketed to the top of the charts and now the Colombian singer has announced a new project that will take him in an entirely different direction.

J Balvin is working with a Japanese hip hop group in an upcoming anime film.

Credit: @MeetMusicLovers / Twitter

Reggaetonero and Latin music superstar J Balvin has teamed up with Japan-based hip-hop trio m-flo on the theme song for a new animated movie, called HUMAN LOST, to be released in theaters worldwide this fall.

The popularity of Japan’s anime culture is increasing around the world, so it makes perfect sense for the “Mi Gente” singer to do such an incredible collaboration.

The anime film he’s working on is based on a sci-fi novel from 1948.

The original novel, called No Longer Human, is rated as the second best selling novel in all of Japan. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to assume, that with the backing of J Balvin and m-flo, the new adaptation will do even better.

No Longer Human is told in the form of notebooks left by one Ōba Yōzō, a troubled man incapable of revealing his true self to others, and who is instead forced to uphold a facade of hollow humor.

The film, along with the new track, will hit theatres in the US this fall.

While the animated movie is set to hit the theaters in the U.S. in fall this year, it had its world premiere last Friday at the Anime Expo 2019 in Los Angeles.

M-Flo made a surprise appearance at the event to announce their involvement in the movie’s main theme, which features Balvin.

Turns out, M-Flo and Balvin also performed together at last year’s Summer Sonic Festival in Japan – Balvin’s first time performing in the country.

Credit: @billboard / Twitter

The “Safari” singer performed in Japan for the first time last summer at the annual Summer Sonic music festival, where m-flo’s VERBAL suggested they work on the theme song together.

A known fan of Japanese popular culture, Balvin readily accepted the offer and the collaboration took off from there.

Quite a few J Balvin fans were surprised by the annoucement but most were super excited for the project.

It’s definitely a big departure for the reggaeton singer but with the global popularity of Latino singers right now, it’s seems like a perfect match to us.

Some people on Twitter admitted they were just here for the new J Balvin track…not the anime.

Credit: @pkjd818 / Twitter

Even if that’s true for some people, anime has exploded into a giant industry worth more than billion globally, so I’d say Balvin is making the right decision.

READ: Bad Bunny And J Balvin Just Dropped Their Joint Album And It’s Exactly What You’d Expect From These Trap Royals

Bad Bunny And J Balvin Just Dropped Their Joint Album And It’s Exactly What You’d Expect From These Trap Royals


Bad Bunny And J Balvin Just Dropped Their Joint Album And It’s Exactly What You’d Expect From These Trap Royals

Que Pretendes | UMG | Bad Bunny, J Balvin

Latin superstars Bad Bunny and J Balvin have been talking about a joint album for months, leaving global fans desperate for at least a taste of the musical gastronome the Puerto Rican rapero and Colombian reggaetonero have been cooking up, but Friday morning the two served up something better: their entire eight-track project, Oasis.

“Welcome to the oasis,” Balvin greets listeners on the EP’s first track “Mojaita,” a hooky reggaeton bop that sets the stage for what follows: “palos,” as Bunny describes it, with major club-appropriate bangers.

The album, largely produced by heavyweights Tainy and Sky Rompiendo, exudes Latino Gang excellence. Lyrically, both artists opted for catchy incantations over clever wordplay, spitting about their joint success and partying with big-bootied bebecitas as well as the pleasures and pains of romance that has defined reggaton’s poppy comeback. Sonically, the two rhyme over Afro-Caribbean riddims, like dancehall and hip-hop, at times even flirting with salsa loops. 

The album features two collaborations. In “Un Peso,” the reggaeton and Latin trap hitmakers link with Argentine rockero Marciano Cantero of Enanitos Verdes, blending their genres effortlessly in a song that disses a trifilin’ ex. In their final track, “Como un Bebé,” the Latino duo bring along Nigerian singer Mr. Eazi. The godfather of Banku music lends his Ghanian style through a trilingual rap about a childish romantic affair.

Oasis is an uncomplicated project meant to be enjoyed, at a Latinx house party, while getting dressed in your room, or during your morning commute. Bunny and Balvin want listeners, especially their Latinx fans, to bask in their success, and that of Latin genres they helped reignite, with them and feel proud to be a part of La Nueva Religion.

The album is an oasis because, as Benito puts it, “it’s a rescue, a relief, to freshen up.”

“When you go to an oasis, you go there to supply yourself with the vital things you are missing, things that you need. That’s why it says water, because human beings can’t live without water,” the trapero told Complex of the project last September.

So far, enthusiasts have agreed. On Twitter, fans of both Balvin and El Conejo Malo have been celebrating the surprise release of the anticipated album and sharing their favorites with the world.

Oasis, which is currently available for streaming on all platforms, is the latest project to come from Bad Bunny, who dropped his debut masterwork X100PRE last Nochebuena, and J Balvin, who delivered his award-winning Vibras last summer.

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